Sagol Room סגל (Preschool)

This week we learned about a mix of Jewish traditions, fall weather, and recognizing emotions.

On Monday there was a new sensory table filling with popcorn kernels and scoopers!

We read the book First Comes Spring that shows what each season looks like around a community.

It was a rainy day so instead of the playground we ran around the big room before sitting down to lunch. During lunch we reviewed our first unit of Second Step by practicing the Listening Rules and focusing attention.

Monday was Simchat Torah but we celebrated on Tuesday since more kids were at school! The Jewish celebration of the Torah when we have finished all of the stories and start from the beginning once again! To help celebrate the Torah, everyone made decorative flags to wave and dance with. We also had the stuffed Torah to play with too! We then took our Torah and flags on a parade around the synagogue and into the sanctuary to see where Bet Shalom’s Torah lives.

Wednesday was the best day, pajama day!! Everyone looked extra cute and comfortable all day.

The morning started out with playdough work, playing in the sensory table, and making “hot chocolate!”

After music and a classroom dance party, we talked about our new Second Step unit about empathy. Everyone is learning how to recognize how someone feels by looking at their face. We all practiced our happy and sad faces this week and will continue to work on this skill!

Thursday morning again was started with some fun playdough creations. Then we made a fun fall project making decorative corn! Everyone got a cut-out shape to dot-dot with fall colors and make their own corn designs.

During snack we read a book from Miss Amanda called Leaf Man and looked at all the interesting types of leaves and which kinds we can see around our school! 

We also read the book Will I Have a Friend? and talked more about how to tell how other people are feeling by looking for clues on their faces. 

On Friday Colette will be our helper for Shabbat and we will continue to enjoy the excitement of Fall weather. 

Next week we will explore all about pumpkins! 

Shabbat Shalom!

-Miss Maddie