Sagol Room סגל (Preschool)

Hello Sagol Families!

This week we explored our planet’s resources and renewable energy sources (wind, solar, hydro).  The preschoolers turned into “Planet Heroes” and continued learning about ways we can take care of the Earth. Throughout the week we had different centers out like our clip & count and match the pattern games to play during free play. 

On Monday, we went over what we talked about last week and talked about what it means to be a “Planet Hero”. For example, turning off lights or helping recycle. For our main activity time, we did an observation on the real caterpillars growing in our room and discussed what stage we think the caterpillars are at. 

Then, we played with play-dough with tools and plastic caterpillars. 

On Tuesday, we learned all about recycling and how some items can be made into something brand new. During group time, I showed them items that can go into the blue recycling bin and talk about items that do not go into the bin like food. 

Later in the day, we read a book on waste management and recycling and reflected by doing an activity. In this activity,  we sorted picture cards, each with a different recyclable on it and sorted them by paper, plastics, metals, and glass. 

On Wednesday, we talked about renewable energy and how this type of way of energy can be made over and over again naturally. We discussed how wind turbines, solar panels and hydro power can help protect the environment. Later in the day, we got to take a hand on approach to learning about hydropower and played with water and little spinning rotors. We watched how the water can spin the rotors and could create energy. 

On Thursday, we learned and talked about Earth’s natural resources. We highlighted how special our planet is and how it provides us with food to eat, water to drink and shelter for us to live in. For our activity today, we went on an Earth scavenger hunt to try and find some of the natural resources we have been talking about. We went around the pond and saw so much wildlife which helped us understand that animals and plants live on Earth too, furthermore, that we need to share and protect the planet for them to be happy

On Friday, we review the major points we discussed these last couple weeks. To conclude the week, we asked the students what they have learned about taking care of the planet and wrote it down. Later, we sat down at the tables and took a poll on “What have you done to take care of Earth?” and had the preschool put their name tag under a way they would like to help the Earth. After, we got our coloring boxes out and drew in Earth related coloring pages. 

Next week, Miss Maddie will be introducing a caterpillars & butterflies unit.                 .

I hope you all have a restful weekend! 🙂

Shabbat Shalom,

Mr. Benny & Ms. Maddie