Sagol Room סגל (Preschool)

Hello Sagol Families!

This week we focused on Earth day, the basics of the planet  Earth and the themes that surround the taking care of our Earth. We had a fun week exploring and learning about our planet Earth. Throughout the week we had different centers out like our clip & count and match the pattern games to play during free play. 

On Monday, we started introducing our unit by talking about the Earth and the different types of elements Earth has on its surface.  Today, we mostly talked about how we live on the Earth and it’s a fantastic place with oceans and land.  We learned that taking care of our land and oceans is essential to all of the plants and animals that live here. 

Later, we all gathered at the tables to work on a scrap paper Earth collage. We took green and blue scraps and glued them to a piece of paper to make a planet Earth! They did a good job focusing on their projects and carefully placing scraps down to glue.

On Tuesday, We focused on the ocean/ water resource on Earth. We observed that water takes up most of the surface of the planet and we see water collected by oceans, ponds, lakes, rivers and streams. We reviewed ways we use water like for drinking, cooking, growing food/plants and washing. 

During group time, other than our usual circle time routine, we took a poll during group time whether or not you have been to an ocean yet. The student came up to the board, found their name and placed it on “yes, I have been!” or “No, not yet!”. 

Later, we came to the tables and made a tie dyed Earth coloring with markers on coffee filters, then sprayed them with water to mix the colors. They all turned out very well! 

On Wednesday, we turned our attention to the land aspects of Earth. They discussed the different types of biomes we can see on Earth like jungles, desert, forest, plains etc. 

Later, we enjoyed music with Cantor Haviliio! 

During our small group time, we did a sorting activity together on the tables where we sorted whether things live in the ocean or on land. After that, we were able to get out scissors for everyone and some dotted lined paper to work on fine motor skills. They love their scissor practice.

On Thursday, We celebrated Earth day! We continued talking about land but more specifically, trees and plants on Earth. We learned that plants and trees are found on land all over our planet. We also discussed how trees and plants are essential to keeping earth healthy. We learned trees and plants provide oxygen for us to breathe, remove pollution from the air and create shelter/homes for animals. 

During morning time, I encouraged everyone to color a page in a homemade book about planting seeds. During group time today, for a special activity we sorted whether things grow in soil or if they do not grow in the soil.   

It was a beautiful day on Thursday so we took the opportunity to go outside any chance we could. After our normal outside time, we were able to meet up with the Pre-K friends and release their butterflies with them. We were exclaiming “Happy Earth day, butterflies!” as they flew away. Then, we made our way to the gaga pit located on the grassy side of the synagogue. We enjoyed laying in the grass and even got to watch one of the gardeners work hard getting the soil ready for crops! We were able to take a little break, enjoy the weather and read a book called “One World” by Elieen Spinelli.

After lunch, we took another opportunity to go outside by going on a nature walk around the pond. We saw ducks, geese and even a whole family of turtles! 

On Friday, now that we know what Earth is and what it’s made of, we started talking about ways to take care of it. Today, the key word was pollution. When the oceans, rivers, land and air get dirty, it’s called pollution. We discussed how pollution is harmful to the environment and the living things that live in those environments. 

After group time, our homemade book about planting was all done so we were able to read it as a class and each student was proud of the specific page they colored in. Then, we celebrated Shabbat over zoom with other classes.  

During small group time, we played a shape sorting game where we sorted different shaped items and placed them in the “trash can” who has the identical shape on it. 

Thanks for a great week everyone!  Next week we will continue our Earth unit and elaborate on ways we can take care of the Earth. 

Have a relaxing weekend! 

Ms. Maddie and Mr. Benny