Sagol Room סגל (Preschool)

Happy Friday and Chag Sameach! Happy Sukkot! This week we learned all about the weeklong Jewish holiday that celebrates the harvest. 

On Monday the group was ready to play! Choosing fun toys to play with like the new table with cutting food, blocks for towers and ramps, and a sensory bin with foam craft peanuts.

During snack at the table I introduced this week’s theme and holiday: Sukkot, using pictures and questions from Jewish and Me. Throughout the week we decorated our classroom sukkah and took turns shaking the stuffed lulav and etrog.

Monday was also art class with Miss Beth where we painted and glued together cave dens for sleepy bears! 

With a bigger group in on Tuesday we were able to start some decorations for the classroom sukkah! Each friend got a pile of colorful paper strips to either color or glue together into chain loops. 

During group time we read the book Is it Sukkot Yet? and discussed why Jewish people celebrate the holiday and the things for which we can be thankful! Some ideas were family, houses, plants, food, and friends. 

Our projects on Wednesday again centered around Sukkot and decorating our sukkah. We hung up toy fruits in our big class sukkah, and then decorated a mini one made out of a wood crate for our little people to use!

For this smaller sukkah, some friends strung dried lemons together and chose where to hang the strings and the small play fruits.

There was also an option to paint a string of dried pasta noodles to add even more colors just like the kids do in our book, It’s Sukkot Time! 

This week was also week 6 in our Second Step learning program where we talked about how to ask for help when you need or want something. Everyone practiced using eye contact and asking for help in a strong and respectful voice. We also reviewed our letters “A” for apple, “O” for October, and tried to remember the newest letter “S” for Sukkot!

Thursday was such an exciting day because we got to have music and lunch outside in the big sukkah! First in the morning we made autumn leaf suncatchers that we would hang in the sukkah later.

Then we got to use some of the new art supplies that Colette brought the class for her birthday! Hannah was having her birthday too and we sang “Happy Birthday” and “Yom Huledet Sameach” to both of them to help celebrate all day.

After our playtime on the playground, it was time to go up to the sukkah! We sang songs with Rabbi Crimmings and she also helped everyone shake the lulav and etrog all around.

During lunch, Hannah’s family brought books to read and we sang happy birthday to Hannah and Colette one more time! It was such a perfect fall weather day and our sun catchers with colorful leaves looked beautiful swaying in the breeze in the sukkah. 

Friday we will have our regular Shabbat and Wallace will be the helper! We will review and practice our Second Step lessons as well as wrap up Sukkot activities. 

Next week we will learn about Simchat Torah and the weather!

Shabbat Shalom, enjoy your weekend!

Miss Maddie