Sagol Room סגל (Preschool)


This week we talked about birds! We introduced this theme with lots of fun activities in our science and reading center and group games at circle time. Our Second Step theme this week was “Accidents” where we learned about what to say when you do something that you didn’t mean to do.

This month we have a post office as our new dramatic play area theme. Everyone was very excited right away to find envelopes with their names and different supplies to write and receive letters!

In our science center there were a few different activities. First we had fluffy rainbow feathers and a bird poster for color matching. Then there were plastic eggs filled with different letters to hide, open, and sort. 

On the library shelves there was a large variety of books about eggs, nests, and birds. There were also some photos of birds on cards and posters to look through and match in the books or use to tell your own story. Of course for a bird theme we had to have some coloring pages of different types of birds. Everyone is getting stronger in their own coloring skills and art style!

During circle time we had a great lineup of bird-related songs. Our favorite is singing “I Know a Chicken” with egg shakers. We also learned “The Chicken Dance,” “2 Little Blackbirds,” “Kookaburra,” and “Little Bird, Little Bird.” The most popular songs have fun movements and sign language to go along with them to get everyone participating! 

Some of the highlights this week were our group games and activities. 

On Monday we circled around materials to explore making bird nests in teams. 

On Tuesday we played a parachute game using large plastic eggs. We all watched the eggs “hatch” by bouncing them around in the “nest” until they popped out! 

On Wednesday some friends chose to take turns to dress up in colorful wings and sing and dance like little birds. Then everyone pretended to be a little bird in a big nest! We all got around the parachute and as one friend at a time sat in the middle, everyone around them shook the parachute and then spun them (slowly) around in a circle. It was really exciting to play with this new toy and also challenging to learn how to follow rules and directions as a whole class.

On Thursday we got out some playdough and made individual nests! There were also craft materials such as popsicle sticks, pipe cleaners, string, and feathers to add into the playdough. 

We talked about how a real bird makes a nest out of mud, sticks, feathers, and any other useful items they find in their habitats. Mr. Benny has a real bird’s nest that he found so we were able to observe and get a look at how it’s constructed! 

We were also lucky to see Rabbi Crimmings as our special guest leading music and Shabbat this week! 

Next week we will continue our bird unit by focusing on just a few of our favorite birds.

Shabbat Shalom, Have a wonderful weekend!

Ms. Maddie and Mr. Benny