Sagol Room סגל (Preschool)

Hello Sagol Families,

This week we continued our spring lesson plan. We had a spring themed center and explorations around the room. It was a great week for learning about spring, we had many weather elements in the last week. 

On Monday, we focused on rainbows and how they are formed. During group time, we talked about how our weekend went and it’s always fun hearing their perspective on their weekend. We then investigated when a rainbow comes out and the shape of a rainbow (ark). We also talked about how it is officially spring. 

Later, we went on a walk outside. We traveled around the pond where we saw a family of geese swimming around in the pond and yelled “happy spring” to them. Then we continued to go around the building after and ended up in the gaga pit. In the Gaga pit, we read Over the Rainbow by Eric Puybarat and E.Y Harburg.

On Tuesday, We continued talking about rainbows. Today we focus more on identifying the specific colors of the rainbow and the correct order of them. After our regular group time activities, we broke apart a rainbow and discussed the order and colors with songs and visuals. We came back from the big room to do umbrella craft using dots dots and cut in half paper plates. After that, we moved onto a playdough activity with tools and cookie cutters. We discussed shapes we can make with playdough. 

Even later in the day, we had Hebrew class with Rabbi Crimmings. We did an activity that involved identifying colors in Hebrew. 

On Wednesday, we started the day doing a egg counting activity and had a calm morning observing the rainy day while reading books relating to spring. We also had music with Cantor Havilio where we sang Passover songs and talked more about the holiday of Passover. 

Later, we did a rainbow coffee filter activity in which we colored coffee filters with markers and usually you would spray them with water for it to tie dye but instead we let the rain tie dye them outside! Unfortunately it rained on them a little too hard and didn’t turn out the way I imagined but we had a good time coloring them. 

On Thursday, we reviewed everything that we have been learning these last couple weeks and continued talking about Passover. In the morning, they colored the Passover theme print off with their coloring boxes. 

After our outside time, we came back to the room to paint raindrops with blue paint and bubble wrap. This was so we had the background of our umbrellas that we made a couple days ago. 

On Friday, we wrapped up our spring lesson. In the morning, we did sensory bins with sand and plastic eggs and other scoopers.

During group time, we talked about our favorite parts of spring. Later in the day, we went on a spring scavenger hunt outside! 

Next week is Spring Break! For the kids that are here, we will be focusing on Passover led by Miss Maddie. 

Shabbat Shalom, 

Ms. Maddie & Mr. Benny