Sagol Room סגל (Preschool)

Hello Sagol Families,

This week we started talking about the season of spring and this week we focused more on the weather that surrounds the season. We talked about how winter is ending and Spring will be starting soon and what that will look like. We had spring themed centers around the room like flower petal counting in our math center or in our science center, we observed real bugs that were encased in a clear plastic cube with magnifying glasses. As a bonus, we had a geometrical shape sort and match game for them to challenge themselves. 

On Monday, we introduced our spring lesson. During group time, we went around the circle and they shared what they did last weekend. They were excited to say they were able to play outside and enjoy the warmer weather before that Monday snow storm. 

Later,  I read a book called First day of Spring by Sharon Gordon. We then reflected on the book by making a chart about the things we SEE, HEAR, and FEEL during spring time. Then, we had a sensory exploration with bugs and plastic eggs in sand in their individual buckets. 

On Tuesday, we talked about clouds. Mainly, the different types of clouds and what clouds are made of. Later, I read Little Cloud by Eric Carle to the group. After, we all participated in a blot painting craft in which we folded a paper in half, then the children painted one side with white paint. Then they folded it again to press down and squish the paint between the sides of the paper. When they opened the paper, they found they made a symmetrical white cloud painting. They all guessed what their ink blot cloud looked like. 

As a fun experiment, we filled a container with water and put shaving cream on top to represent clouds. To represent rain, I used blue food coloring and put drops of the “rain” in the “clouds”. We talked about how when there was too much “rain” in the shaving cream “clouds” the blue coloring would seep through and represent the rain failing in the sky. We discussed how rain clouds and rain are formed. 

On Wednesday, we focused on the water cycle. During group time, we went through what the water cycle is and rain is made through a drawing I made on the white board. We talked about big words like precipitation, condensation and evaporation. 

We enjoyed music with Canter Havilio. We came back, and read a book called “The Magic School Bus: Weather the Storm” by Kristin Earhart and Carolyn Bracken. After the book, they got their coloring boxes and I asked them all to make rain storm using their imagination and creativity. 

During the day, they also had the chance to drip a blue paint/water mixture using eye dropper onto a vertical piece of paper on our easel. The students dropped the liquid on the paper and watched how it fell down like real rain. 

On Thursday, we focused our attention on thunderstorms and lightning. During group time, I read a book called Weather: Lightning by Ann Herriges and discussed how lightning is formed and what it is. We also talked about how the loud thunder comes from the lightning strike but because light travels faster than sound, we see the lightning first before we hear the roaring thunder. We also went over some key words for spring and broke them down by clapping the syllables in the word. For example, when we did the word “raincoat” we clapped twice (rain)(coat), separating the word into their syllables.

Later, we sat at the table and practiced writing our numbers 1-9 with writing in shaving cream with our fingers! Each number had a rhyme to help them learn how to form and write the specific number. For example, “Make a circle, then a line. That’s the way we make a nine!” 

On Friday, we mainly learned about wind. We started our morning with a craft using dot dots to color diamond shapes to make fun kites. 

During group time, we reviewed everything we went over this week and also started talking about “what is wind?” When we went outside we observed how wind moves the clouds and threw things in the air to see the wind in action.  While we were outside, we used a pinwheel to visual how the wind pushes things around. 

When we came back in from outside, we all sat at the table for another kite craft with brown paper lunch bags.    Everyone got a paper bag to decorate however they pleased. Hopefully, you will be able to take them outside and run around with them this weekend! Catch some wind!

Next week, we’ll be talking more about the spring and what happens in the spring. We will also start talking about Passover! 

I hope everyone has a safe and enjoyable weekend! 

Shabbat Shalom,

Mr. Benny & Ms. Maddie