Sagol Room סגל (Preschool)

This week we started our reptile theme! We talked about lizards, dinosaurs, turtles, alligators, and snakes and the characteristics of reptiles compared to other types of animals. It was a really beautiful week of weather for us to play outside once or twice a day!

We also welcomed new preschoolers Bari, Kate, and Kellan into the Sagol room this week. 

On Monday I introduced a sensory bin of mixed dried beans to look like rocks/sand with plastic eggs and miniature reptile figures. There were also extra large reptiles in our regular animal bin. This was exciting to everyone to have something new and got a lot of play all week. 

At circle time we started our Second Step Lesson on “Same or Different Feelings.” We then sang a few new songs about reptiles like “Tiny Turtle,” “Boa Constrictor,” and “5 Little Monkeys Swinging in a Tree.”

During Tuesday’s circle time we passed around some photos of different lizards and described the characteristics of reptiles like a hard scaly body, short legs, tails, and claws. We also learned that reptiles lay eggs to hatch their babies and are cold-blooded. 

We then took a vote on who likes or dislikes reptiles or isn’t sure yet. To vote, each child came up to the board and put their name under an answer. Most friends voted that they do like reptiles (some favorite mentions were crocodiles and chameleons) while others said they were unsure how they felt about reptiles. As we learn more we will ask again and see if anyone’s feelings change!

The big thing we talked about in our discussion on Tuesday was that reptiles like lizards are cold-blooded so they need a heat source (like warm sand and rocks in the sun) to keep their bodies from getting too cold or frozen. I showed some photos and fun facts about turtles, snakes, lizards, and alligators.

As a fun concept exploration everyone got finger paint that was either cold from sitting outside, or warm from sitting under warm water! It felt weird/cool/exciting to touch the different temperatures of paints and compare what they felt like. We also made some awesome inspired artwork out of it as well!

On Wednesday there were a couple new toys including a Little People jungle treehouse. There are many reptiles that live in rainforest areas as well as dry deserts!

During circle time we read About Reptiles that gave another glimpse into the habitats and traits of reptiles. 

For our group activity everyone got their own bin of sand, rocks, plastic eggs, and animal figures to play, build, scoop, and dig! Before and during playing in the bins, we listened to a few stories and songs that highlighted the main reptiles we had been talking about.

Early on Thursday morning we had a group of friends who were really enjoying working on some different jigsaw puzzles! At circle time we read the book Chameleon Colors and danced to “We Are The Dinosaurs!” 

We also read the short story from our Second Step lesson and looked at a photo of two girls who had some things the same and some things different.

Our group activity was coloring coffee filters to make tie-dye reptile skin. Some friends said they want to make theirs into a dinosaur, a chameleon, or a turtle shell like I did in the example!

On Friday we will celebrate Shabbat! We will play a game of hide-and-seek with our reptile toys, build habitats, and do some movement and yoga as different creeping crawling creatures!

Wishing you all a nice weekend!

-Ms. Maddie and Mr. Benny