Sagol Room סגל (Preschool)

Hello Sagol Families,

 I hope everyone had a good week and enjoyed the warmer weather! It was great to be able to get outside again!

This week we have been talking about nutrition, but more specifically why we need healthy food, the 5 food groups and identifying healthy and unhealthy foods. We had different centers around the room like the math center involving the classic “clip and count” and “Count the Chip”, where they count the chocolate chips and organize them by placing them with the corresponding number on the cookie jar. We also had out a fun fruit color sort and large scale to weigh the fruits!  In our literary center, there was an “ABC order” game and this week we introduced “Syllables Sort” where we sorted if food had 1 or 2 syllables in their name. (eg. Cake has one syllable and Apple has two). During group time this week we had our classic name songs and calendar review and then explored different topics of nutrition every day. We also learned about and celebrated Purim!

On Monday, we started our day with some coloring on the table, or some free play and centers if you were done coloring.  During group time we talked about the dairy food group, discussed how we make dairy products and the different types of dairy products. After, we took a class poll on our favorite dairy product with cheese being the most popular.

Later during the day, We came back and sorted different foods by shapes. Either they were in the shape of a circle, oval, rectangle or triangle. After, we did some scissor practice by cutting dotted lines on a piece of paper. 

On Tuesday, we started our day doing centers or coloring at the table for some morning work.  During group time we talked about sweets and treats! We discussed what these foods are made of and how they don’t have the nutritious value our bodies need so it doesn’t belong in the five food groups. We talked about how we can eat these foods in moderation but, relaying the importance of ensuring every meal or most meals should have the five food groups. We all went around the group and talked about our favorite sweet treat. 

Later, we brought out playdough and tried forming our favorite foods or just played around sliding and rolling into different shapes. 

Everyone was able to get a face paint to celebrate Purim so that was so funny seeing everyone’s silly faces. 

On Wednesday, we started our day making groggers by first decorating a paper plate by glueing ribbons, pom poms, dot dots, and using coloring utensils. Then we left them out to dry so we can fill them with kernels tomorrow.  

It was exciting to see the preschoolers in costume and we had plenty of laughs about it throughout the day. 

During group time, we sorted foods into the five food groups. Later in the day, we did the “Syllable Sort” Activity as a group on the tables.

On Thursday, for morning work we finished our grogger by having them pour corn kernels into them and then having a teacher stable them shut. After, we had a little dance party with our groggers. 

During group time, We played a riddle game where they choose and I read out a clue like “Its a fruit, red and round. They grow on trees” then the preschooler would answer “Apple” and take the card out of the bag to see if they were right. I was impressed how well we did during this activity. Great job preschoolers!

Later in the day, I read a book called “Sammy’s Spider’s First Purim” and after we took out our individual sensory bins with the letters of our name and a number. I asked them to try and spell their name and tell me what number you have in your bin. 

On Friday, we started our day with line tracing and center play.  During group time, we sorted healthy choices. Everyone got a card with food and they sorted whether foods were really healthy, somewhat healthy and not healthy. 

Later in the day, we got a piece of paper with a picture of a blank plate and they all drew their ideal well balanced meal. It’s interesting learning about their favorite foods. 

Next week Maddie will be introducing a reptile theme for the preschooler. 

Have an amazing weekend everyone! 

Shabbat Shalom, 

Mr. Benny and Ms. Maddie