Sagol Room סגל (Preschool)

Hello Sagol Families!

This week we introduced our nutrition unit. Each day this week we introduced a food group. One of the five different food groups including fruits, vegetables, grains, protein and dairy. This week we had a great time “working” our new sandwich shop or if not working, being a hungry customer ordering a sandwich. Throughout the week we talked about the different food groups and how they are beneficial for our bodies. We had work stations around the room this week to challenge them a bit more in the math and literacy subjects. For example, our “count and clip” station to practice math skills or the “ABC order” sort to put our knowledge of the alphabet to the test! 

On Monday, We started our morning with pre-writing tracing with dry erase markers and also toured our new sandwich shop!

During group time, we talked about why we need food and what foods are healthy. We also read a book we put together about how school is a little different this year. We talked about some healthy habits and ways we can stay healthy at school. 

Later, We came back to the room from exercising in the big room and read a book called “Today is Monday” by Eric Carle. After, each student made a grocery list of healthy foods that either they would like to try or healthy foods they know they love. Then they can go to the grocery store or online grocery store and get some healthy food to munch on. 

On Tuesday, We started our day by sorting little manipulative fruit by colors. 

During group time, we talked about the qualities of a fruit and examined different types of fruits with an entertaining song with picture cards. Then we took a class poll on what our favorite is fruit by placing their names under the fruit they prefer. 

Later, we all took out our coloring boxes and brought out some dot dot to color our fruit coloring sheet. 

On Wednesday, We started our morning with some free drawing time and they also had the option to color in a vegetable coloring sheet. 

During group time, we talked about the qualities of a vegetable and reviewed many types of vegetables. We all sang a song out of our favorite vegetables and then, took a class poll on what our favorite vegetable was out of four options. 

Later, read a book called “How Are You Peeling?” by Saxton Freyman and Joost Elffers. After, we scrubbed a bunch of fruits and vegetables with soap in water in our sensory table. 

On Thursday, we began our morning with coloring our grain coloring page illustrating different types of grains. Another option they had this morning was scissor practice by cutting dotted lines. 

During group time, we talked about what makes a food a “grain” and went over different types of grain foods. After we took a class poll on our favorite type of food in the grain food group. They all found their name and paced it on the grain they prefer. 

Later, we sat down at the table and played “Count the Chips” game where we all got a different number of chocolate chips on a picture of a cookie, then they had to match the number of chips to the corresponding number on the cookie jar picture. 

On Friday, We started our day with pre-writing tracing and coloring our protein coloring sheet with our individual coloring boxes.

During group time we sort of talked about proteins and foods that are considered proteins. After, we took another class poll on our favorite protein. 

Later, we played our “Count and Clip” game as a class where we each have a picture of multiple pictures of the same food and you have to count them and clip a paperclip on the correct number. 

Next week we will continue our nutrition unit and talk more about healthy vs unhealthy foods. 

Thanks for another great week! Have an amazing weekend everyone!

Shabbat Shalom, 

Ms. Maddie and Mr. Benny