Sagol Room סגל (Preschool)

This week we started learning about our five senses! We had beginning conversations about sight, hearing, smell, taste, and touch.  Each day introduced a different one of the senses and featured a discovery center in our sensory table with items related to that sense!

We started on Monday with an introduction to the concept of senses and started talking about sight. Everyone got a cardboard tube to decorate to use for focusing attention during “I Spy.” 

We learned the song “Five Senses” to the tune of “BINGO” and tried pointing to the parts of our body as we sang. We repeated this song every day at circle time along with “Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes” and freeze dances for movement. 

During our circle time we also did our Second Step lessons and learned about the feelings of surprised and scared. We reviewed a little bit of happy and sad and how to look at someone’s face for clues to their feelings. This week also added focusing attention to the situation around you for another way to figure out how a friend might be feeling. 

Tuesday’s focus was on the sense of sight. We said that we need our eyes because our eyes help us see things! In the discovery center some friends found binoculars, a mirror, shapes, colors, magnifying glasses, and kaleidoscopes. The light table is also in our room for this unit and included translucent stacking cups and counting pieces.

During the first part of the morning we used our eyes to play “I spy” with individual “attent-o-scopes” and later took turns sorting colored pouch tops. 

There were also cutouts of eyes for everyone to color with their own eye color to be used as a prop in later activities. Some of us had to look in the mirror to really see what our eye color looked like and match it to the colored pencils! 

Everyone used their eyes to point out and tap items during our color hunt walk in the hallway. Everyone pointed at something red, then found something blue, then green, etc.  After our walk we gathered for one more group activity sorting picture cards of animals that each student had to examine and decide if they would look big or small. 

Wednesday was a great day for our weekly music class with Cantor Havilio because on this day we were focusing on our sense of hearing! In the discovery center for this were lots of instruments and other items that could be used to make sounds like sticks, bells, and shakers. We said that we need our ears because our ears help us hear things and listen! 

During circle time I read the story Chicka Chicka Boom Boom and handed every child a rhythm stick. As I read everyone had to listen carefully and wait until I said “Boom boom!” to tap their stick on the floor. The sticks were a very exciting new prop and we sang the alphabet with them as well, tapping once for each letter! During our group activity we sorted pictures of items again between loud or quiet sounds. 

Then I handed out different picture cards and asked everyone to think about what their item would sound like. For example we had a baby, a bell, hairdryer, car horn, etc. Once everyone thought about what sound they had, I played mystery audio clips on my “super secret sound machine” from my computer and we had to listen very carefully to figure out what sound it was and who was holding that card. This was all so fun we did a second round but with animal noises! We listened and voted together from multiple choices on what animal we thought it was. 

Thursday’s focus was our sense of touch. We said our hands and skin help us to touch and feel different materials. The discovery center today held a few rocks, wood pieces, marbles, cotton balls, velcro, and pieces of random fabric. 

During circle time we really wanted to hurry up and get to snack so we could play outside in the snow storm! We sang a few quick songs about the parts of our body and passed around items with different textures. We felt a smooth CD, rough velcro, soft stuffed animal, and hard rock.  For our sense of touch activities, first everyone sorted their picture card into either something that would feel hard or soft. 

Next we sat down and each child took 2 separate turns to come up and feel a random item that was hidden in a paper bag. There was a soft stuffy, a hard rock, bumpy/crinkly bubble wrap, sticky tape, smooth paper, and cold snow! Instead of just guessing/saying what the object was, I encouraged the students to give the descriptive language first and then taking it out to show and matching it to the picture label on the floor. 

We will end the week on Friday with our sense of smell and pick up again next week with taste! The rest of next week will be a concept review and expanding on all five senses with more activities and games.

We hope you have a wonderful weekend, Shabbat shalom!

Ms. Maddie & Mr. Benny