Sagol Room סגל (Preschool)

Happy Friday! I hope all of our families had a meaningful holiday or a peaceful day together out of school. 

This week was all about Yom Kippur and a short theme on firetrucks and safety. Yom Kippur is the “Day of Atonement” in Judaism and marks the end of the beginning of the year. It was a weird week with the middle of the week off for the holiday but we filled it with as much learning and playtime as we could!

On Monday we re-read the book Sound of the Shofar which talks about both Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur, and the blowing of the shofar to signify the new year. 

After reading, everyone was able to take turns blowing a toy shofar! Each friend had to be patient as it was cleaned in-between turns but then they got to make a sound that was funny and loud!

During group time we talked more about what Yom Kippur means. What are we sorry for (feel bad about doing) and what can we do to be better (helpful, kind, loving)? This is a tricky concept for preschoolers but with some help brainstorming we came up with good ideas! Some examples were: “I can listen to my mom when she tells me what to do,” and “I can share my toys and invite friends to play.” 

The weather was beautiful so we all went on a tashlich walk around the pond! Throwing crumbs in the water is a metaphor for saying sorry for our mistakes and starting over in this new year.

Tuesday was a shorter day for most of the class so we did some more fun fall activities like going on a nature walk, singing songs for Yom Kippur and Sukkot, and reading books like Two by Two, a story about Noah’s Ark.

On Monday and Tuesday we worked on an art project together of a Fall tree. Using dot-dots and then gluing real leaves, everyone helped create an awesome decoration!

With the holidays of the new year now behind us, we turned to a short firetruck theme for the end of the week!  On Thursday we read the Firetruck song book and talked about safety for fire drills and real fires. 

Tomorrow is an exciting day and we will talk more about firefighters and safety with the Minnetonka fire department! To learn more, I will start by asking questions like, “What are some of the tools firefighters need?” and “What is safe and not safe to touch in your house and school?”

Also happening on Friday is Special Person Shabbat at 9am, and wear tie-dye day! 

Next week we will jump right into the next Jewish holiday of Sukkot! We will decorate a sukkah in our room, talk about our homes and families, and shake the lulav and etrog! 

Have a wonderful weekend!

-Miss Maddie