Sagol Room סגל (Preschool)

Hello Sagol Families!

This week we continued learning polar animals. We had Polar Animals infused into many elements of our day. We really studied hard and tried to master our knowledge of polar animals. 

The childrens had the choice during the free moments in our day to pick from various stations throughout the room, where the children could play polar animal themed games or activities. Each station had different developmental areas like math and literacy, fine motor and memory, large motor, or dramatic play.  For example, ”Penguin Shape Sort”, “Polar Patterns” or “Count and Clip” polar animal edition at our math station or the “Polar Animal Word Tracing” and “Seal and Whale Beginning Sounds Sort” at our literacy station. 

On Monday, we started our day off with choosing either line tracing with dry erase marker or scissor practice cutting lines on paper. 

Our focus during group time was reviewing the names of the polar animals and the two poles they live on. We discussed and looked at and passed around different Arctic and Antarctica animals. We always sing a name song and a handful of polar animal themed songs every day during group time as well. 

Later, we read “Polar bear, Polar bear, What Do You Hear?”. While we were reading the book, the children pointed out and discussed that the polar bear and walrus in the book were polar animals! Then we colored crowns that went with the book and watched and listened to the real sounds of some polar animals. They hung up their crowns by the dramatic play the rest of the week for their enjoyment. 

On Tuesday, we started our day sorting words by their beginning sounds. There is a “S is for Seal” card and “W is for whale” card and the children would try to sort words that either begin with S or W and put them into the correct pile. 

This time during group time we focused on where the polar animals live in their habitats. The children were all handed picture cards with different polar animals to sort into whether they like the cold water, the icy land or as we discovered and pointed out that some animals like seals and penguins, like both water and land. We talked about how these animals could survive in the cold without a winter jacket and we learned that some have thick fur and or blubber to keep them warm in cozy in the freezing temperatures. 

Later, we enjoyed playing with some toy polar animals in play dough. 

On Wednesday, We started our morning by highlighting the “Penguin Shape” sort by bringing it to the table for everyone to join in and sort. During group time, we focused on penguins and showcased many different types of penguins. We answered questions like, why can’t they fly? Are they only black and white?  Then, we discussed that penguins don’t live on the north pole and that many of them live on the south pole.

Later, we came back and read “Penguin Problems” by Jory John and Lane Smith and that led to a penguin craft where we glued together construction paper to make a penguin. During this activity, we talked about the different shapes we were using for the penguins and worked on some fine motor skills.

We also celebrated Easton’s 3rd birthday! Since Easton’s mom, Amber, works here, she read us a story about Safari animals at lunch time and we had two special snacks. A brownie with lunch and yogurt covered raisins with afternoon snack.

On Thursday, We started our day off with scissor practice or free coloring. I encouraged them to draw a polar animal or a snow tundra. During group time, we focused on “polar opposites” and talked about how north and south poles are on opposite sides of the earth. After reviewing what we have learned so far, we passed pictures of polar animals out to children. We sorted whether these animals live (north pole or south pole) and had each child place it on the right pole. 

Later, we read “Opposites “ by National Geographic and participated in another polar animal rescue! We pointed out we were using warm water on cold ice to melt and free the stuck animal and that warm and cold are opposites. 

We also celebrated Tu BiShvat, the birthday of the trees. We had a seder where we tried different fruits from the trees and had juice to represent the different seasons.

On Friday,  we started our day tracing polar animal words and tracing shapes with dry erase markers at the table. 

During group time, we focused and talked about camouflage. We went through how some of the animals camouflage to hide for predators or be hidden so you can catch prey. Then, we took a class poll on your favorite polar animal. There were 3 animals to choose from and they each told me what their favorite was and I wrote their names under the animal they chose.  After, we went around the circle and each of the children answered what was something they learned about polar animals. 

Later, We decided to play with polar animals in our snowy sensory bins. Each child had a bin and a couple polar animals to pretend they were in the Arctic or Antarctic!

Next week, Maddie will be leading us in learning about our five senses. 

Thank you for a great week and I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

Shabbat Shalom, 

Mr. Benny and Ms. Maddie