Sagol Room סגל (Preschool)

Hello Sagol Families,

This week we introduced and explored the animals that live in the polar regions of Earth! I thought it was fitting as we can relate to these animals that are living in the cold and know exactly what it feels like to be in those polar regions. It undoubtedly makes for some amazing dramatic play when we’re out playing on playground snow playing like a colony of lively penguins waddling around in the Antarctic or a sloth of young polar bear cubs digging in the snow in the Arctic! 

We had a jam packed week full of icy animal adventures through songs, books, gross motor play, engaging group time and table activities, fun crafts and projects. We learned so much about the diverse plethora of animals that live in these cold regions of Earth including studying the names of each animal and the interesting sounds they make, identifying the two poles on a globe and where the animals live on a globe (ie. South Pole/ Antarctica or North Pole/Arctic), and more specifically, where these animals live in their polar habitats (ie. on land/on ice, in water or both)

Every day during group time, we did our songs with the stick figure penguins we made and sang “chicka, chicka boom boom look who’s in our room”, we also updated our calendar and did the “Days of the Week” song. Later during circle times, we spent some time getting our wiggles out by playing a group game with our gross motor movement cube. Each side of the cube has a different polar animal and a physical action corresponding to it. For Example, “Hop like an Arctic Hare” and a picture of an Arctic hare. 

On Monday, the class started our day coloring little penguin stick figure puppets! They all turned out very well and we’ve been singing “Five Little Penguins” with them during group time all week.

During group time, we introduced common animals that live in the polar regions with their names written below and put them on our board to study. 

After that, we identified what happy and sad emotions look like on faces. To study this, we played a game in which each classmate picks up a card facing down that is either a child with happy face or a sad face, then the child who picked it up has to imitate on their own face what emotion card they got and the rest of the class tries to guess if they picked up and happy card or a sad card. 

During snack time, we watched a video investigating what real polar animals look like in their natural habitats. 

During our activity time, we took turns feeding our new friend Mr. Polar Bear with different types of fish! Today, we tried the shape type of fish to feed him. He asked each friend for a different shaped fish and the child would try to find it and feed it to Mr. Polar Bear.

On Tuesday, we started our day with a craft activity creating a polar bear in his icy climate! We used glue, white paint, silver glitter, googly eyes, little noses, and cotton balls for the polar bears thick white coats. They are hanging on our wall art collection so they can all be proud of what they created. 

During group time, we located where the animals live on the globe and talked more about the Arctic and Antarctica weather and what kinds of animals live in these polar regions. 

At activity time, we took turns feeding our new friend Mr. Polar Bear with different types of fish! Today, we tried the different shaped fish and added numbered fish to feed him. He asked each friend for a particular fish and the child would try to find the right fish and check that it was correct to feed it to Mr. Polar Bear. 

Later during lunch time, we celebrated Cal’s 4th Birthday with fruit snacks and read some of his favorite books! Thanks for sharing your birthday celebration with us, Yom Huledet Sameach!

On Wednesday, we enjoyed Wacky day as a school! That was awesome, and we as a class had many giggles about all the wacky attire we had. 

We started the morning with a group art project using polar animals’ feet and paint to stamp and create various tracks on a snowy tundra. 

During Group time, we talked more about the climate these animals live in and referred back to the globe to identify the two poles. After that,  we read “Polar Bear, Polar Bear, What Do You Hear?” by Eric Carle. We pointed out that the polar bear and walrus were polar animals. Then used our listening bodies to carefully listen to a video going through different polar animals and the sound they make. Some of them were very interesting and made us giggle a tiny bit. 

At our activity time,  we sorted the polar animal picture cards that have been hanging on our board. We sorted them using a Venn diagram to determine whether they live on land, in water, or both on land and in water. Each of them stood up, picked a polar animal card, and figured out where they live and stuck the card to the appropriate part of the diagram. 

After, we played another round of “Feeding Mr. Polar Bear” different types of fish.  This time we focused on the numbered type of fish. We counted up until everyone fed a number to the bear! 

At snack time, we participated in music class with Canter Havilio and sang songs with her and other classes on zoom. 

On Thursday, we started the morning making a book about the different polar animals that like the cold. Each classmate colored one page, each with a different animal. Teamwork time! Each animal tells us they like the cold. Then, the last page asks the reader if they like the cold. It’s interesting to hear their views about the cold. It is now on our bookshelf for everyone to read what they made together! 

During group time, we did the usual name game songs, polar animal songs and calendar update. Today, we played “Feed Mr. Polar Bear”during group time. We fed him the numbered fish and counted until we got to the number of friends that were here. Then we checked out the Venn diagram again on the board and reviewed the names of the animals we have learned about and where they live. 

Later in the day, we watched a book read-aloud called “Arctic Animals (Who’s That?)” by Ted Carpenter. Where they had us guess who is hiding behind the lift the flap based on a couple clues. 

Then right after, we did an Animal rescue! We all had different polar animals stuck in ice and they used warm water and tools to melt/pry the animals out. It took some patience, but they all made sure their animals escaped so they could return back to their families. Mission success! 

On Friday, we started the morning reading the “Who Likes The Cold?” book we made as a class yesterday. We also played in our snowy sensory bins we made as a class last week but this time we put polar animals in the bins to play with. A nice calm start to a Friday. 

During group time, we review what we have learned this week. We read “Arctic Babies” by Kathy Darling as a class and had a discussion and remembered about the different animals we saw in the book after we read it.  We joined our other Bet Shalom Yeladim classes in zoom for Shabbat!

During activity time, we sorted the toy animals in our misc. animal bin whether or not they are polar or nonpolar animals. They all picked an animal to sort. 

Next week we will be continuing our “Polar Animals” theme, but focus more on how these animals survive in these climates. We will be investigating what they eat and drink, how they can stay warm and why some of them have white colors that allow them to camouflage into the snow to hide! 

Have a safe and cozy weekend everyone! 

Shabbat Shalom, 

Mr.Benny & Ms.Maddie