Sagol Room סגל (Preschool)

Hello Sagol families!

This week we continued our theme around winter and snow. It has been such a blessing to have so much snow stick around and have the nice weather to enjoy it! We got outside every day and did lots of shoveling, sledding, and running aaallll around the playground.

Monday started us off with double birthday celebrations as Finley turned 3 and Ms. Maddie turned [another year older]! We had a cookie treat, some new car toys, and special stories shared from Finley’s favorite books.

During our group activity we began Unit 2 of our Second Step lessons. This week had a focus on how to know how another person is feeling. We read a story about a girl who was sad and a boy who was happy. The eyes, mouth, head, and cheeks were all pointed out as parts of the face that give clues to how someone is feeling. 

On Tuesday our coffee/hot cocoa cafe was officially open for business! Complete with the awesome cardboard cookies everyone decorated last week and a new cash register.

During circle time we sang “Five Little Snowmen” and “1,2,3 Little Snowflakes” using our snowman props again! We talked about the texture of how the snow looks and used puffy paint to create a sensory process art piece. The paint was a mixture of white paint, shaving cream, and glue with some glitter sprinkled in.  

There was a special morning activity on Wednesday to color little cartoon figures of the people in your family. Most friends chose to color in themselves and their family members (including some pets)! The pictures were taped onto popsicle sticks and used as cute props during music with Cantor Havilio. She sang with us about the different members of our mishpacha and everyone could hold up their pictures to pretend their family was there with them! It was fun to hear from everyone about their different families. 

On Thursday morning there was a large white paper covering a whole table with different types of blue colored materials. Anyone was free to fill up the paper as a group with whatever medium and designs they chose. Later this paper was used for everyone to practice using scissors and learning how to cut a snowflake. It was fun, creative, and challenging!

Friday will definitely bring a snowy Shabbat morning! We will talk about the clothing we wear in the winter and design our own hat and mittens. 

Next week Mr. Benny is leading lesson planning and will further our icy explorations by heading to the cold arctic and talking about the different types of arctic animals!

Shabbat Shalom! Have a nice weekend,

Ms. Maddie and Mr. Benny