Sagol Room סגל (Preschool)

Shalom Sagol Families!

Welcome back to all and a new welcome to our students who just joined us this week – Van, Adam, and Madison! 

This week our topic was snow because we are finally in the winter season (despite the tricky snow days back in October…)! It was a great week to get into this theme because the weather on our playground was perfect for playing in tons of snow. 

This week’s Second Step lessons were a review on where we left off before break with asking for what you need or want. 

To prepare for our hot beverage center that will be added to our kitchen area, everyone on Monday decorated cardboard cookies with markers, tissue paper, and glitter.

We read the book Winter Is… and talked about the activities we do in the snow and who likes hot cocoa. All week there were two large sensory bins filled with marbles, cotton balls, spoons, and shovels to play in an icy/snowy small world.

We read Sam Sees Snow and Sadie and the Snowman on Tuesday before filling individual sensory bins with materials to make pretend snow! We added baking soda, cornstarch, and some flour together with a little water to make a soft crumbly snow texture. There was some trial and error with this activity as many friends wanted to pour a lot more water in their bin than was needed. Overall they turned out well and even felt cold the next day when we took it out again!

On Wednesday we read our Second Step story about Gloria who was stuck with her jacket zipper and needed help. Then we discussed the different times you might need to ask a teacher for help and how to use a strong, respectful voice. We encourage the children every day to practice speaking up and using words to nicely ask for something. 

The group activity was a craft project making snowflakes! Each person received several strips of blue paper to glue together crossing in the center to make the snowflake shape. Then they painted designs using sparkly white paint to dot with a cotton swab in various patterns. 

Thursday morning started with a table activity first sorting through our beads to find only the white, blue, clear, and silver ones, then threading those beads onto pipe cleaners to make “icicles!” 

Later we added shiny, glittery craft materials to large water bottles, squeezed in some glue, and created exciting snowstorms! It is endless fun and satisfaction to shake up the bottle and watch the glitter swirl around. 

We will have Shabbat on Zoom tomorrow and hopefully enjoy another day getting out into the snow! 

Next week we will continue exploring more around snow and winter activities!

Shabbat Shalom, enjoy your weekend!

-Ms. Maddie and Mr. Benny