Sagol Room סגל (Preschool)

This week the preschoolers learned about the story of Chanukah and why we celebrate every year. We talked about how the Maccabees fought for the Jewish people to keep their religion and the miracle of the oil lamp lighting for 8 days.

On Monday we had a birthday celebration for Carly and Sydney who just turned 3! Yom huledet sameach!

Our activity on Monday was listening to the story of Chanukah and thinking about what our favorite part was. Then everyone put stickers and glitter to decorate a hanging Jewish star. The Star of David is a common symbol to represent Judaism and Israel!

It has started to finally feel like winter as the weather got a lot colder this week! When it was too cold to play outside we retreated to the big room to run, jump, dance, and play with different balls, hoops, and riding toys.

Tuesday’s activity was play dough! Included with the regular play dough tools were dreidels and plastic coins to make stamps in the dough. Everyone was encouraged to form their dough into something Chanukah related like latkes, gelt, dreidels, candles, and menorah. 

On Wednesday morning there was an invitation to paint Chanukah symbols with water on blue construction paper.

Then following an exciting music Zoom with Cantor Havilio, we read another version of the Chanukah tale and the two miracles. Then using a paper plate, everyone decorated their own Maccabee shield using their own art materials and some Chanukah stickers. The shields remind us of Judah Maccabee, the hero of Chanukah who made it safe for the Jewish people to continue practicing their traditions and values. Inside the shields each friend was encouraged to draw pictures that represented themselves and their family. 

This week we also got back into our Second Step lessons. This week’s concept taught that to ask for what you need or want, face the person you are asking and speak in a respectful voice. We discussed the different times of day you might need to ask the teacher for something and practiced how to say it each time. 

Thursday marks the eighth and final night of a wonderful Chanukah! Whether your family celebrates or not, we hope you have some quality family time to enjoy.

Friday we will celebrate Shabbat (another favorite holiday but one that comes every week)!

Next week Ms. Maddie will be out until January for vacation time at home and Mr. Benny will be in charge with other assisting teachers. 🙂

There is no blog being posted next week or during holiday package days. Please email with questions or check Daily Connect to see what the class is up to! 

Shabbat Shalom and Happy Holidays! Thank you to our wonderful Sagol parents for the cards and gifts! All of the teachers here feel very appreciated.

Wishing peace and health to all of our BSY families as this wild year comes to an end!

-Ms. Maddie, Mr. Benny, and Ms. Emily