Sagol Room סגל (Preschool)

This week we started talking about Chanukah and all the ways people celebrate the holiday.

Monday was the last day of a small class before everyone else returned from their time at home. The friends who were there made magic wands with Ms. Sarah!

We started with an introduction and reading What Is Hanukkah? Then we shared what we already know about it and sang some classic songs like “Chanukah, Oh Chanukah” and “Dreidel, Dreidel, Dreidel!” Chanukah (also spelled Hanukkah) is a holiday that starts on Thursday night and goes for 8 days. During this time, Jewish families light candles in a menorah, play dreidel with gelt, eat latkes, give gifts, sing, and dance! 

On Wednesday we heard some new Chanukah songs from Cantor Havilio during music and practiced more of our favorites like “Lots of Latkes.” During our activity time everyone sat at the table and played with different kinds of dreidels and gold coins. We read How Do Dinosaurs Say Happy Chanukah? which illustrated more ways to participate in, or celebrate, the holiday with family. 

Thursday was a fun Chanukah-themed dress up day! Everyone wore holiday attire in blue and white. We focused on the tradition of lighting the menorah and saying the blessings. Unlike when celebrating a birthday, we do not blow out the candles on Chanukah. After reading the book Hanukkah! By Roni Schotter, we made a menorah using a printed template, cardboard candles, and paper stars for flames! A lot of friends are working hard to strengthen their abilities to focus on a structured task and properly use a glue stick. Everyone’s menorah turned out exciting and colorful!

We will have Shabbat on Zoom on Friday and talk about two more fun traditions during Chanukah – giving gifts and eating yummy food! 

Next week our discussions will be about the story of Chanukah and why we have these fun celebrations every year. 

Shabbat Shalom! Wishing you a great weekend – 

Ms. Maddie and Mr. Benny