Sagol Room סגל (Preschool)


This week we went from fall to winter again in Minnesota which was perfect for our hibernation theme!

We mostly talked about bears but also talked a little about other animals we would see in the winter either migrating, hibernating, or adapting.

To kick it off on Monday we learned a couple bear songs like the “Bear Facts” song and ‘The Bear Went Over the Mountain.” We sang a fun version where the bear goes over the mountain and sees a variety of random items that all have different beginning letter sounds! Everyone had new toys in their sensory bins with woodland creatures, pretend leaves/branches, and berries to collect like a bear preparing for winter.

Added to our room this week was the play kitchen and extra oven to continue our baking and cooking of cookies and other foods.

Most of the class also got to take turns with Ms. Amber for tie-dying! We will all wear our tie dye shirts next week on Tuesday. 

The next day we read fun books like Sleep, Big Bear, Sleep! And Usborne’s Bears. We talked about how hibernation means that an animal finds a cozy place to sleep in the winter and that a bear hibernates in a den. After reading, everyone had a bowl to paint and decorate with shreds of paper to create a miniature bear cave! When they were dry, some friends set up little forest scenes using the rainbow bears and nature items.

On Wednesday we got to sing and dance to fun songs with Cantor Havilio on Zoom! During circle time we read the story The Mitten by Jan Brett. All the forest animals in the story try to squeeze into one white mitten found in the snow! It was fun to predict and then see what happened next. 

There was more snow on Thursday and we got to play outside with shovels multiple days this week! We were all feeling like we needed to get extra movement so we followed along to the animal poses from our book, Yoga Bear. For our group activity we read Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? During the book each friend got a turn to hunt around the classroom for the color on each page. After the story there was an option to paint plates to make bear masks that we will use as props when we sing and retell stories!

I am looking forward to Shabbat on Friday when everyone will be all together to sing and celebrate!

Next week we will talk about tzedakah and start into Thanksgiving.

Shabbat Shalom!

Ms. Maddie and Mr. Benny