Sagol Room סגל (Preschool)

This week was all about welcoming the new season of Fall and the month of October! The leaves are changing, the weather is colder, and the days are darker. All week we talked about the weather, the colors outside, and how to be the best people we can be! 

Monday school was closed for Rosh Hashanah but I hope everyone had a restful day whether you celebrated or not!

Tuesday we learned about the new month we are in: October! We practiced saying the name of the month and the first letter/sound “O” (sounds like “ahh”).

The first book of this week was Fall is for Friends about the leaves falling from the trees and playing with friends! The second book was We’re Going on a Leaf Hunt about the different types and colors of leaves we can find. 

Both books led us to the table for some fall-color playdough work using yellow, orange, and red to make leaf piles, pumpkins, apples, etc.!

On Wednesday we opened up the fall themed sensory bin, now filled with pinecones, dried corn, and brown shredded paper. 

We also went to music and sang songs about the synagogue and shofar for the upcoming days of Yom Kippur. 

During playtime there were some new awesome puzzles donated from Miss Marnie and everyone had fun trying them out! The other popular toys are still legos and blocks for building imaginary “water rockets” that fly around space spraying water. 

Thursday we started talking more about Yom Kippur (Day of Atonement) and what that means for a preschooler. The most important part about this time of year is saying sorry for mistakes you have made, or people you might have upset, trying your best to do better in the future, and make good, kind choices. After reading some ideas together, each friend came up with one thing that they can do at school or home to show kindness this year. 

Friday if the weather is nice we will go for a walk outside and hunt for leaves! Cal will be our Shabbat helper. 

Next week we will talk more about Yom Kippur and practicing ways to be kind and helpful!

We will also do a bit on firetrucks and fire safety as the Minnetonka Fire Department will be visiting next Friday! 

A reminder that next week school closes at 1pm Tuesday, and is closed all day Wednesday.

Shabbat Shalom! Miss Maddie