Sagol Room סגל (Preschool)

This week we talked about community helpers with a focus on firefighters and fire safety. 

On Monday we started the week with pajama day!

Right away in the morning we got to have a virtual art class! Ms. Beth led a project making scarecrows wearing their own PJs. Everyone got pre-cut shapes to create the body of the scarecrow, and pieces of soft fabric to glue on as the pajamas. We had a lot of fun making some silly scarecrow portraits!

We read a lot of stories this week about the meaning of community and jobs of important people around our neighborhood. We first talked about what firefighters do because it is fire safety month and our class is very interested in firefighters! 

We also read about nurses, dentists, paramedics, postal workers, and sanitation workers. There are so many people that work hard to keep our towns running and our neighbors safe and healthy. 

Throughout the week of our discussion about firefighters, we made fire truck shape collages, decorated our own fire helmets, and played Bingo! 

We talked about why it is important to follow the safety rules at home and at school. As a teacher I like to remind the kids that the rule of needing shoes on in school comes from the firefighters in case we had to leave the building in an emergency! Then we pointed out the parts of the fire engine like a hose, siren, and ladder. The collages were made similarly to our project with Beth on Monday. Everyone had to work with a glue stick and follow directions to get their trucks put together. 

Decorating fire helmets invited more freedom and simplicity and everyone came away with fun headwear to play pretend firefighting.

To end the week we celebrated Hannah’s birthday on Shabbat! 

Next week we will start studying pumpkins and the weather! 

Shabbat Shalom!

Have a great weekend – 

Ms. Maddie and Mr. Benny