Sagol Room סגל (Preschool)

This week was all about Sukkot! Along with this holiday we learned about the fall season, harvest time, and being a good listener. 

It was perfect weather outside this week and we made sure to get outside for lots of sun and fresh air!

Sukkot is the Jewish holiday of booths or huts used by people as they fled Egypt long ago. In modern days it is also considered a harvest holiday because it takes place in the fall. To celebrate we talked about different fruits and vegetables we might eat right now like apples, corn, squash, and grapes! 

We set up a farmer’s market with lots of foods to collect and purchase and make pretend pies, soups, salads, and yummy sukkot dinners!

To decorate during sukkot, many people hang real fruits from the roof of their sukkah. We read about a class that tries this in Watermelon in the Sukkah and then made our own fruits with paper plates and tissue paper! 

For other decorations everyone drew designs on color construction paper and then it was cut into strips and glued to make a paper chain.This is usually a very tricky skill for our age class so extra decorated paper will be sent home if your child would like to work on making the paper links themselves! 

Thursday was an exciting day because it was our turn for picnic lunch in the sukkah! Bet Shalom Congregation builds a sukkah outside every year and we get to enjoy it by sharing a meal together and shaking the lulav and etrog. 

Our Second Step lesson this week was about the “Listening Rules.” We learned what our body looks like when we are listening! The rules are eyes are watching, ears are listening, bodies calm, voices off. We practiced these rules with a song every day at group time!

Friday is picture day for some friends and we will go on a nature walk to find fall leaves! 

Shabbat Shalom! Have a great weekend,

Ms. Maddie and Mr. Benny