Sagol Room סגל (Preschool)

Shalom! Welcome to the first blog of the school year! 

What a fun first week we had in the Sagol classroom. I am so impressed with how well everyone worked on figuring out the routines and expectations of the classroom. 

Throughout the week my goal was mostly for students to feel comfortable in the school and getting to know their classmates a little bit. Our class has some veteran BSY friends and also lots of new faces! 

On Tuesday everyone had time to explore the room and find where their cubbies, art boxes, and chairs were. I recognize it can be hard to start something new surrounded by all new people! All of the books we read this week centered around starting preschool. We read some books like If You Take a Mouse to School, and Take a Kiss to School. Then we made a project to go with one of the books. Each friend decorated a heart shape with their handprint in the center. These will be to hang up in the room for comfort if they are sad and missing home. For the most part though, everyone seemed to have fun at school right away and enjoy playing together!

Wednesday’s activity went with the book Chicka Chicka Boom Boom which will forever be a personal and Sagol class favorite! After reading the book, everyone got a copy of the first letter of their name to paint with dot-dots. As the letters were being passed out, we went around and said the letter, sound, and name of who that letter belonged to.

Thursday there was some extra play time in the classroom as the kids enjoyed different choices like the “office” computer keyboards, apples, blocks, sensory beads/gems, and reading big books! 

After playing on the playground (and soaking up the few sunny moments) we met again at the table for a short activity. After reading the books Lots of Feelings and How I Feel Silly, each person got a paper with a blank face on it to color. While we won’t get to our full lessons on “feelings” for a few weeks, I used this time as an introduction to some of the different vocabulary. Everyone did their best to draw their own face and describe how they were feeling at school that day. 

Friday will be our first Shabbat! While Shabbat looks very different being on the computer, it is still a special time that we enjoy all together every week. During our mini morning Shabbat service, three friends will get to help as we say the blessings over the candles, juice, and challah. For snack we have real juice and challah to celebrate!

Next week we will talk about the fast-approaching holiday, Rosh Hashanah!

Wishing you a nice weekend!

Shabbat Shalom,

  • Ms. Maddie and Mr. Benny