Sagol Room סגל (Preschool)

Hello everyone! 

I can’t believe we have come to the end of a summer session once again! The Sagol class had a wonderful time this summer getting to learn and play together. It was also amazing to connect to our families at home through the many Zoom activities!

To finish off the last three weeks of August, we had our ocean theme, construction, and engineering. Here are the highlights:

Week 1 – Ocean (Part Two)

  • Octopus paper plate craft using pipe cleaners to string beads and practice counting
  • Deep dark ocean science testing how hard it is to see in the darkest water
  • Hawaiian dress-up day making leis and crowns by stringing foam flowers on pipe cleaners while listening to ukulele music
  • Talking about coral reef life and the creatures that live there 
  • Frozen ocean rescue melting animals stuck in different levels of ice
  • Penguins and the Arctic Ocean
  • Iceberg balancing challenge with foam bowls and animals in water buckets

Week 2- Construction

  • Building with large cardboard bricks
  • Dramatic play construction site
  • Learning about different types of trucks and workers
  • Tinker toys (these were a big hit!)
  • Designing blueprints by tracing blocks and then trying to build our models in 3D
  • Muddy trucks
  • Alphabet rescue and digging activity

Week 3 – Engineering

  • Talking about size and measurement using Inchimals
  • Small world construction table with alphanumeric beads
  • Designing and painting a cardboard city
  • Building structures with boxes and other recycled material
  • Pegboard towers
  • Playing with the city we designed
  • Styrofoam and golf tees practicing hammering fun and fine motor skills
  • Mini Lego set
  • Last music class with Shana

As the new school year approaches we are saying shalom to some friends as they head off to kindergarten and new schools. We will miss you Alex, Maya, Emmett, and Isaac!! However at Bet Shalom Yeladim it is always a “see you later” more than a goodbye :). 

We are all a little sad to see this exciting summer come to an end, but are now ready and looking forward to fall! 

Next week the building is closed as staff have development and prepare the classrooms for the new season. 

Warm Wishes and Shabbat Shalom!

-Miss Maddie