Sagol Room סגל (Preschool)

Hello and happy Friday!

These past two weeks we have been having fun learning about the beach and the deep blue sea!

Last week we started at the beach with a boat complete with seats and paddles. There were buckets and sunglasses to pretend to play in the “sand.” We didn’t have real beach sand but we did have paper dirt that could be dug up to collect shells, rocks, and crabs! 

For sensory play we made moon sand again using baking soda and water but pretended it was beach sand this time! Everyone enjoyed packing the shells and animals under handfuls of sand.

Monday we made hanging mobiles with Ms. Beth on Zoom! Everyone had their own personalized one with their first initial to paint and decorate.

Later we talked about what you might bring to the beach and what kinds of things you’d see there. Like a beach ball, sand bucket, sunglasses, and sandals. Little creatures that live on the shore like starfish, crabs, and turtles Our dramatic play was still a lemonade stand for ordering cool drinks on the beach.

In the science center there were large seashells to observe closely and learn about by matching them to the pictures in our book. There were also some miniature sea animals and nature items to sort between land and water. 

At the end of the week we made paper plate seashell art using watercolor paints! The real shells were definitely the favorite thing to play with throughout the week.

This week we dove into the ocean! Earth’s oceans are so huge and we talked about how so much of our planet is underwater that scientists don’t even know everything that lives there.

After talking about all the water that covers our planet, we did some water science. One day we used our lab set to mix colors, and another day we predicted and tested random items to find if they sink or float! The science lab set was a favorite this week and held pom poms as pretend mixtures during open playtime. 

After learning about some properties of water, the first sea creatures we read about were fish! Fish come in all shapes and sizes but we know now that they all have a spine, fins, scales, and gills. For a fun art project we painted sparkly fish to go along with the book The Rainbow Fish!

To get moving all week we sang and danced to a silly song, “The Goldfish” by Laurie Berkner.

For added fishy fun a new game was set up this week to do some fishing with magnets! Anyone could try to catch a paper fish or a small magnet letter for extra challenge and learning. There was also a morning choice one day of water buckets with boats, fish, and sharks! 

Instead of Hebrew this week we had a special Zoom event where we met a real owl! It was very interesting to watch it eat and move and hear all about owls and different raptors. 

This week along with the science lab, the lemonade stand was switched for an ice cream dramatic play area! The class had been really wanting to play ice cream shoppe and we finally got it set up and are already having lots of fun.

The other animals we talked about this week were sharks, whales, and dolphins. The class even got to watch and listen to a video of real humpback whales “singing!” 

Next week we will set up an underwater scene for our dramatic play area and we will decorate it with the bright, glittery fish we colored on Thursday.

We are all looking forward to Shabbat and relaxing with the nice weather together.

Shabbat Shalom!

Ms. Maddie