Sagol Room סגל (Preschool)

Shalom and happy Friday! 

This week was all about apples and honey for Rosh Hashanah! We focused on the songs and traditions of the holiday, as well as practicing letter recognition for “ A” and the first letter of each of our names.

On Monday the favorite activity was building towers with blocks and reading lots of fall and Rosh Hashanah books.

After some freeplay time in the morning, we got to do a project with Miss Beth! Our class sat down with the pre-k to create beautiful little trees. The process was to dab some glue onto a small tree branch and then decorate with fall-colored tissue paper. The finished products are displayed in our classroom for some decoration to ease us into the fall season. 

Tuesday was another fun project day in the classroom making apples! This time I used tissue paper again but each friend was using a glue stick and layering red, yellow, or green colors on a small paper plate.

We have been talking about the different tastes and sweetness levels of apples and how we eat them to bring in a sweet new year. We also read the books Sound the Shofar and Today is the Birthday of the World to add again to our ideas of Rosh Hashanah.

For the middle of the week on Wednesday we had some extra sensory play. The sensory bin was still full with rice, and at the table there was bright glowing slime! Everyone had turns for as long as they needed at both areas and got very excited with these satisfying centers.

At circle time we continued looking at the letter “A” for apple and practiced our current favorite songs: “Apples and Honey” and “Shofar Blast!” Once our voices were warmed up, we were ready to continue the celebratory singing at music with Cantor Schwartz. We even got to hear him blow a real shofar!

Thursday started out with freeplay where the favorite toys were the barn with tiny animals and magnet tiles.

Then I also added a different sensory table to end the week with soapy water to wash fresh apples! We also read the book I Am An Apple about the lifecycle of an apple tree! 

Friday we will get to taste some of the extra apples along with a few other sweet fruits for a happy new year seder!

We will also make paper shofars and continue making cards/gifts for our family members. Elijah will be our helper for Shabbat! 

Next week we will talk about the fall season with changing leaves, harvest, and Yom Kippur. Reminder that the school is closed on Monday for Rosh Hashanah. 

Shanah Tovah!

-Miss Maddie