Sagol Room סגל (Preschool)

Shalom! Here are the highlights from the last two weeks! 

The themes were astronauts, our moon, and outer space.

Last week we had art with Ms Beth and followed along through zoom to make some cute funky chickens! 

We played in the rocketship tent and pretended to be scientists on the moon. This included using special astronaut tools and protective equipment to examine samples of moon rocks and space dust. 

For individual sensory play we had moon sand with space gems and playdough with rocks to make craters.

We had a birthday celebration  last week for Quinn turning 4! It was so special and fun to have his parents come to read a story outside. 

Also outside is the growing garden started by Ms. Amanda and the pre/prek classes! A few fruits have been ready to pick like the tomatoes and strawberries and they are so fresh and yummy.

This week we celebrated the Apollo 11 moon landing anniversary by listening to the book The Moon’s First Friends and dancing to Laurie Berkner’s songs “Rocketship Run” and “Moon, Moon, Moon.”

A couple friends also decorated rockets to play with!

We also had pajama day this week which was perfect with our theme! We read Goodnight Moon and other bedtime stories and made paper plate moons with puffy paint.

To learn more about the other places in our solar system we read There’s No Place Like Space! and created finger-paintings by mixing colors to look like the different planets!

Yesterday there was an option to do rocketship shape puzzles and paint a galaxy on aluminum foil.

Coming up we might do more on space and astronaut life depending on interest, or start a new topic!

Wishing you a great weekend!

Shabbat Shalom,

Miss Maddie