Sagol Room סגל (Preschool)

Shalom Sagol families! 

Last week we started our camping theme by setting up the tent and some toy supplies like a stove with food, binoculars, and lantern.

We made our own binoculars to go bird watching and on a bear hunt!

It was a short week but we had red, white, and blue dress up day and made window decorations for the 4th of July.

It was also an exciting week because our new friend Eden started! We are already having so much fun all getting to know each other.

After the long weekend, we continued to pretend play camping while discussing more about where you would go and what you would see.

We have been observing the weather like rain, wind, and heat, and natural science processes like lightning! 

To talk more about the outdoor setting for camping, we built with wood pieces and rocks to make a forest setting for our bear counters! We also have been learning a little about forest animals like bears and squirrels and learning about nocturnal creatures like owls and racoons. 

Moving our way further into the outdoors, we looked up to the night sky to learn about the stars (which you might see on a clear night out in the forest)!

It has been a fun first half of July! Coming up we will talk more about the planets and space.

Have a great weekend!

-Miss Maddie