Sagol Room סגל (Preschool)

This week flew by with lots of fantastic fun! We entered a magical theme of fairy tales with castles, costumes, and characters. Stemming from the holiday of Purim, we made the whole week about good vs evil and the morals to be learned from the make-believe.

We started out the week on Monday with making large posters to decorate the big room. Our class did so well coloring in our entire elephant and spelling names out with stampers!

There was also new dramatic play dress up outfits, puppets, and a recycled castle doll house.

During lunch we celebrated another birthday with Elijah turning 4! Yom huledet Sameach! It was a happy celebratory day. 

Tuesday was the BSY Purim celebration and parade!! Many friends wore their favorite costumes and walked around the whole synagogue before ending with a special hamantasch treat! Some family members were also able to join us for this extra special morning. Before the parade everyone decorated paper plates for noisemakers, or Purim groggers, to shake shake shake in the parade.

On Wednesday there was an invitation to paint in the morning using foam blocks to stamp a castle pattern onto large paper. We got creative using the different sides of the blocks and mixing different paint colors to create unique and bright prints!

A couple days this week we were also able to get outside to play on the playground and observe the last of the slowly melting snow. 

Thursday began with dancing and movement, and an invitation to create a fairy/princess/king/queen/whoever-you-want-to-be- crown! Using simple watercolor paints, paper bags, and 3D gem stickers, everyone’s crowns looked ready for any royal appointment! 

Later we did an experiment with hair conditioner and cornstarch to make “fairy dough,” a soft and great smelling take on playdough! Half the fun was trying to get the individual mixtures just right. 

There was also a lot of discussion this week about healthy habits like proper hand washing, using tissues for noses, and keeping our hands away from our  friends and out of our mouths. Easier said than done, but the preschool class knows well that “Germs are not for sharing!”

We also talked about the idea of same and different feelings and that sometimes two people feel differently about the same thing, and that’s ok! 

Friday we have our regularly scheduled Shabbat and Cal will be the Shabbat helper!

Next week we’ll be learning using our favorite nursery rhymes!

Stay healthy!

Shabbat Shalom, 

Miss Maddie and Miss Kaitlyn