Sagol Room סגל (Preschool)

Hello Sagol families! This week we had some more fun learning about Tikkun Olam by practicing reusing, recycling, and talking about tzedakah!

On Monday we counted and sorted coins to fill individual tzedakah containers while singing the “Money for Tzedakah” song. This activity was to practice fine motor skills and invite discussion on the topic of saving and donating money. 

Before our regular snack time Bodhi’s mommy and daddy read the class two special stories with baby sister, Phoebe! It has been such a treat for the group to have parents “surprising” us with fun story times! 

Tuesday’s morning activity option was coloring your own book about the plant life cycle! Stemming from our week of Tu B’Shevat lessons, we are connecting our lives and actions to the lives of other living things on Earth as well. The plant coloring book was able to give a fun and simple representation and could be worked on independently throughout the week.

Tuesday morning’s group lesson was an exciting second use for plastic water bottles! With only water, oil, food coloring, and sequins, everyone was able to make a sensory bottle good for exploring the science of mixtures or just holding while taking deep breaths as a tool to calm our bodies. 

Wednesday was our special monthly birthday celebration and music class! The Sagol class is celebrating two birthdays this month for Leo and Alex turning 3! 

During play time in the morning there was a choice to learn more about the different coins in our tzedakah box by making crayon rubbings. This activity had a fun first step of peeling the paper off large crayons to be able to use them on their sides to rub on a large paper and reveal the prints of pennies, nickels, and quarters underneath!

Later everyone got together for a group project using another interesting recycled material – blank CDs! Using our cool new window and gel markers, each friend decorated the shiny CDs to create eye-catching spinning tops! Once their top was decorated, we used a dried out marker through the center hole of the CD for the spinner. 

Thursday morning started with an invitation to play/build/construct with recycled loose parts. We decided we might even create a structure with the cardboard pieces to glue together and save for future play!

We also celebrated Leo’s birthday with bright rainbow napkins and yummy fresh fruit.

Before playing in the big room on this very cold morning, we gathered for a group experiment! Using pennies from our tzedakah box, each friend got various materials to clean and shine their pennies to try and get them looking new again. The three solutions we tested were vinegar and salt, baking soda and water, and dish soap and water. Afterwards we compared the results and the winner by far was the vinegar solution!

Finally we placed our clean pennies back in our tzedakah box, ready to use another day before it gets donated.

Friday we will have time for some free-painting in the morning and finishing our discussions on Tikkun Olam and Tzedakah. Jack will be the Shabbat helper.

Next week we will focus on reviewing all of our alphabet letters! 

Shabbat Shalom!

Miss Maddie and Miss Kaitlyn