Sagol Room סגל (Preschool)

This week we celebrated planet Earth and trees! With Tu B’Shevat falling on Monday, it was a perfect week to talk about the holiday and connect it to our Jewish value of Tikkun Olam, healing the Earth. We touched on a few basic things we can all do to help our planet, including contributing our tzedakah money to planting a tree in Israel!

Monday morning started with an invitation to fingerpaint with natural colors! Some friends were not afraid to get messy in the process of creating some fun and funky paintings. There were also rainbow bears and sorting tray to practice using tongs to transfer small pieces and categorize by either color or size. 

During our art class time, Miss Beth led a colorful Tu B’Shevat seder with different types of tasty fruits and juice! We say “Happy Birthday” and “Thank you” to trees for giving us so many wonderful things. 

Afterwards we worked together (with an idea and materials generously borrowed from Miss Katie) to plant our own tiny pots of grass seed! Everyone helped scoop a small cup of dirt, squeeze some water on the soil, and carefully sprinkle their seeds. We are waiting patiently, checking on and caring for our little plant babies daily, and hoping to see some sprouts next week. 

Tuesday morning’s play invitation was a test for the sense of touch with a mystery box! Unable to see the items inside the box, each friend had to explore the contents with only their sense of touch. I had a second one of each item for them to see and touch to compare and then guess what they were holding. Tricky brain work to start the day! 

Another new guest held a pop-up music class again before snack, so everyone was excited and intrigued to have an extra day to sing and dance together. 

During our activity work before large motor time, we tended to our grass seeds (some friends would swear they could see growth after just one day…) and then started a discussion about Tikkun Olam. We made a chart on the white board of all the things we do in the classroom that help the planet! So far we have helped by recycling, turning the lights off, and saving water at the sink. 

Before anyone even entered the room on Wednesday, there was work to do! We are restarting our morning name tag routine where names will be outside the classroom door each morning, and children will find their own names and place them on the board under the “Who’s Here?” sign. Once we knew everyone was present, we had fun playing with new magnet tiles and a nature-themed sensory table! There was also an invitation to sort dominoes. The first task was to sort by color. Then it got challenging for some friends to count the dots and sort them all by number!

Before our regularly scheduled music class, we had our first special guest reader! Leora’s mommy came in and read If You Give a Mouse a Cookie and The Family Book. The group did a great job with being respectful listeners and it was such a fun treat!

The weather was just warm enough for us to play outside for a little bit so we geared up for snow play instead of activity work! Everyone had snowy smiles to get a day on the playground.

On Thursday morning we learned about the letter “R” for recycling, reusing, and… rainbows! A fun bright craft to start a chilly winter day. There were two options to decorate the letter, using construction paper cut like puzzle pieces to fit together, or drawing in with dot dots. Both tactics created lovely rainbows!

Thursday’s activity work was making mini books about ways to help planet Earth. Each coloring page had a different idea that helps the Earth and at the end each friend chose an idea that they will do to contribute to Tikkun Olam

Friday is our Special Person Shabbat and Leora will be the helper! We will also have another special guest reader when Leo’s momma comes to read with us! Friday and next week we will continue to talk about caring for the environment and giving tzedakah.

Have a great weekend!

Shabbat Shalom,

Miss Maddie and Miss Kaitlyn