Sagol Room סגל (Preschool)

Shabbat Shalom Sagol Family! We had a fun week learning about trees for the upcoming holiday on Sunday, Tu B’Shevat! We also continued our Second Step learning about using self-talk as a tool to help follow directions.

Monday started out with an invitation to paint with watercolors! There were also a few new puzzles/games to try and magnets with which to build. During group time we talked about the new month of February, and re-introduced the letter “T” for Trees and Tu B’Shevat.

Our closing activity was a coloring page of a winter forest scene, focused on a tree and the animals that use it all year long.

On Tuesday this week’s science bin was out with flower and plant builders and natural wood pieces. Our lesson started with the book, A Tree is Nice and a discussion about some of the reasons we need trees. We read that trees provide food, shade, shelter, and more! Then each friend filled in a coloring page of an apple tree, and glued tissue paper over the outlines for leaves. During older extended care, the afternoon crew had fun learning Hebrew through movement with Rabbi Crimmings!

Before music on Wednesday, there was an invitation to decorate and help make rain sticks! For those that wanted to make one, each friend colored a design for the outside of the tube, and helped to crinkle foil sheets and add a scoop of rice inside. A couple rainsticks lived in the science bin to complete the feeling of a mini rainforest!

During music with Shana we sang and danced to our favorite song: “My Roots Go Down” and other upbeat Jewish tunes!

For group time after snack, we thought of some words that start with the “T” sound and went over the different parts of a tree. 

On Thursday we talked about who else needs trees besides us, and read the book Forest Animals to see just how many other creatures rely on trees! We also did some dancing as we wiggled our roots, trunks, branches, and leaves pretending we were huge beautiful trees!

Our Thursday lesson was about recognizing the letters in our name, and practicing growing our fine motor crafting skills. Everyone got pieces of paper to glue on the parts of their tree, and then talked with me or Miss Kaitlyn to add family members to his or her personal tree. 

Friday we will have Shabbat together and Leo will be the special helper!

Next week we will add to our discussions of Tu B’Shevat by practicing the Jewish value of Tikkun Olam (repairing the world). 

Happy Friday! Have a lovely weekend,

Miss Maddie and Miss Kaitlyn