Sagol Room סגל (Preschool)

Shalom Sagol Families,

Due to my daughter’s wedding, I had flower petals for the sensory table this week.  The children enjoyed the soft feel and the smell. They also liked taking petals off the stems.  

The students have also been enjoying dressing up in all the clothes. Everyone is getting ready for Purim.

On Monday, we had the finger paints out to work with.  It was messy, but fun. Some of them went home and some of them are hanging in the hallway.

Tuesday we started talking about Vv.  Marko shared a vase and our magnet was a vulture.  The picture on the wall was of a van or a vehicle. This gave our word list a good start.  Our art was V is for Vase.

We also talked about focusing attention on the person who is talking or on an object.  Some of the students started their new session of Amazing Athletes.

On Wednesday, we spent some time talking about our 5 senses, especially touch.  We read a book about listening. Our art was v is for vegetable. They cut pictures of vegetables from magazines and then glued them on their v.

Eli brought in a vehicle that goes vroom vroom for v sharing.  We also had music with the Cantor. He shared a book called What A Wonderful World which was illustrated by Tim Hopwell.  It is the song that Louis Armstrong sang so beautifully.  We also sang songs for Purim.

Thursday is a day to put our focused attention to work.  We played a game where the children used their imaginary atten-to-scopes to look at an item and then they answered questions about it.  We also had a science project dealing with touch. I had four opaque bags with items inside. Each child touched each item and then they made guesses (hypothesis) about what it might be.  They were right 2 of 4 times. They also used some great descriptive terms for how things feel when you touch them.

Friday is Special Person Shabbat.  Colette is our helper. V is for volcano so we will be watching a volcano erupt, and learning about how different substances can react to each other.  We will also talk about why a real volcano might erupt.

Next week we will be focused on sight as one of our 5 senses.  Our letter of the week will be Ww. We are almost done with the alphabet for the school year!


Miss Katie and Miss Sam