Sagol Room סגל (Preschool)

Dear Sagol Families,

This week we continued to have dress up clothes in our dramatic play area.  We also continued to discover our five senses with the sense of taste. Our second step lessons this week were about following directions. Most importantly, we were able to go outside all week.

On Monday and Tuesday we made crowns for Purim in art (that way each child got to make one).  Also on Monday, we talked about the letter of the week, “Xx” and the sense of taste.

On Tuesday we had our first lesson on following directions.  We also put our first “Xx” words on the board with the X-ray fish from our letter magnets, and the xylophone which Colette shared.  We talked about there being 5 types of tastes that our tongue tastes. Those tastes are sweet, salty, savory, sour, and bitter.

Wednesday our art was X is for Xylophone.  

We had our second lesson on following directions.  Logan brought in a tic tac toe board to share, and Marko brought a picture of xeranthemums.  We also talked about XOXO meaning hugs and kisses.

Happy Purim Thursday!  Today was such a fun day.  We had our Purim Parade, all of the children used their groggers that we made last week, and some of them wore their crowns.  I went as an old Queen Esther. After the parade we had a school wide snack of hamentashen, bananas, and milk.

Later we had a taste test so the children could better understand the 5 flavors.  First we had a small amount of milk chocolate and then dark chocolate to show sweet, and then the combination of sweet and bitter. Then we tried lemon for sour. Broccoli was our example of bitter, pretzels worked well for salty, and finally, beef sticks for savory (and salty added wisely by the children).

Friday our art was x is for x-ray.  Elijah K. is our Shabbat helper. We will finish up our lessons on following directions, and put money in the Tzedakah box for Purim.

Next week we will work on asking for what you need in second step.  Sight will be our sense of the week, and our letter next week is “Yy”. I will be gone Tuesday-Friday of next week.  Ms. Sarah will be in for me. My middle child, Jackson, is having his first art show in Duluth. It will showcase his drawings, paintings, and prints.  I am excited to be there.

-Miss Katie and Miss Sam