Sagol Room סגל (Preschool)

This week the focus was the letter Yy, the sight of sense and asking for help when needed. Miss Katie was out Tuesday-Friday so Miss Sarah stepped in to teach. Also, Miss Sam’s last day was on Wednesday. Miss Sarah introduced the word “flexible” to the preschoolers. She talked about how when some one is in the classroom that is different, we may need to be flexible or okay with a change. I heard the word being used by some of the preschoolers during the week. 🙂

It was a great week for going outside and everyday the temperature was a little different. There were days we needed snow pants and days we could have our jacket off.

On Monday Miss Katie introduced the letter Yy and we added to word list all week long.

Miss Katie introduced the sense of sight. In the sensory table there were 5 types of beans and they were able to use their sense of sight to sort the different beans.

They then had art with Miss Beth and talked about clouds and spring. They each made a beautiful rainbow.

Tuesday, Miss Sarah and Miss Sam had children share their Yy items. There was yellow glitter glue and a yellow banana. Great introduction for Wednesday’s focus on the color yellow.

For art the preschoolers made a Y is for yo-yo for their letter binder.

Miss Sarah started Wednesday using puppets to review asking for help when needed.

For the letter Yy, there was sharing of a yo-yo and yellow flowers. We had music with Cantor Schwartz and starting learning and singing about Passover.

After music it was time for Yy is for yellow. Where they glued yellow squares on the to the letter y.

Thursday sharing consisted of a yellow car and yellow rain boots. They reviewed the five senses and the sense of sight in particular. Miss Sarah talked to them about someone that is blind and can’t see and that they have to focus on their other 4 senses more. For activity time they sorted the five types of beans from the sensory table.

Friday, we will have Shabbat with Jonathan as our Shabbat helper. The preschoolers will also get to experience not being able to use their sense of sight and be blindfolded.

Next week, Miss Katie will be back! There will be a new dramatic play area, the last letter of the week, Zz, and start to learn about Passover.

Best, Amber