Sagol Room סגל (Preschool)

Hello Families. Spring is here and the weather is great!  The children have been able to go out all but one day this week.  This week in dramatic play we have the kitchen. The kitchen will be with us next week and then we will start a new dramatic play area.

We also had beans in the sensory table this week. Next week we will have something new.

We have finished the alphabet with 26 weeks of letters.  We started with numbers this week. Some of the children are working on counting and others are learning how addition and subtraction work.  This week was the number one. Several children brought in one thing to share.

We also talked about how each of them is the only person just like them (only one me).  

Next week we will work on the number 2, and the students may bring in two of something (two socks, two matching toys). We share on Tuesday and Wednesday.

The children got to choose whether or not to do art on Monday through Wednesday.  Many of them did some creative drawings.

On Thursday we cut paper and then glued it on another paper to make something.  Using scissors can be hard so it is a great fine motor task. Each of them told me what they made and I wrote it on their papers.

On Friday, we did number one art. I have been keeping some of their work for conferences.  I know you will enjoy seeing them. If you decide not to have a conference, please let me know and I will send the items home.

We had a special visit from the Stages Theater Company this week.  They did an interactive play experience with the children. They were ocean explorers.  The actors took them through three sea levels to find a treasure. They met many animals along the way.  They especially liked the octopus who asked them to dance with him.

Last week we started a unit on Minnesota.  This week we have focused on animals in Minnesota.  Next week we will talk about places and the weather, and we will end the unit with some Paul Bunyon stories.

Please remember to sign up for conferences and send in sunscreen if you have not already done so.  This is the time of year we go from snow pants to sunscreen in a month. Have a wonderful weekend.

Ms. Katie and Mr. Benny