Sagol Room סגל (Preschool)

Hello Families,

Well our brief flirt with spring has disappeared under rainy clouds.  We did not get outside much this week, I am hoping next week will be better.  Please remember to bring in sunscreen for your child, we want to avoid sunburns for everyone.

We now have fake grass in the sensory table and there are bugs hiding in the grass.  The children have tweezers and nets to use to “catch” the insects. I believe that everyone in the class has made their way over to have a look and catch something.  When our short Minnesota unit is done we will do a science unit on Bugs.

This week, the children have done several different kinds of art projects.  They cut and pasted paper to make collages like last week. They were very creative. The children also made cards for the children at St. Judes Hospital.

Finally, we did a number 2 art project. The children also made their own pictures by coloring or cutting and pasting at other times during the week.

We have been continuing to talk about the animals of Minnesota.  The children are learning about the kinds of habitats that we have in Minnesota, such as lakes, marshes, prairie, and forests.  We are very lucky to have a large variety of animals in Minnesota, because we have many State and National parks. We have started to talk a little bit about Paul Bunyon tall tales.  Next week I plan to read them some of the stories.

This week we also traveled the world on an airplane traveling two by two.

Friday was Shabbat and the Trike-a-thon.  We had snack upstairs. On Thursday at snack the children took turns telling me about their bikes and helmets.  We have been talking about bike safety all week and the children have a coloring book about bike safety to take home.

This was our last week having the kitchen in the dramatic play area. Next week I plan to set up a boat made out of a box and fishing poles for the children to catch the felt fish in the pretend lake. The felt hooks on the fishing poles have a magnet inside and the fish have paperclips so they are easy to catch. Our number next week will be number 3.

The Month of May will go by very quickly.  Enjoy!

Ms. Katie and Mr. Benny