Sagol Room סגל (Preschool)

Hello Families,

Spring is here.  The students had so much fun outside this week!  

Before we know it the school year will be over and summer will be here.  In dramatic play the boat is out and the students are playing catch and release with the fish.  The boat will stay there through at least June, but we will add other elements as we go along. For now we will stick with the boat and the fake grass and insects in the sensory table.  We have also been playing with the dinosaur toys and books.

This week, the children have done several different kinds of art projects.  They used different materials together with paper to do some mixed media collages, they played with paper punches and glue, and they worked on two different number art projects.  

We are finally caught up to our number of the week and our art projects. They learned to 3 blind mice rhyme for our 3 art, and we talked about the 4 seasons for the number 4. The children also used some of the paper they punched earlier in the week.

We have finished up our Minnesota unit and will have a brief look at dinosaurs for the rest of May.  We have so many books with dinosaurs in them. We will have so much fun with them. In June we will have a study of bugs.  We will also spend time talking about the nature we see every day.

Our number this week was 4.  Marko brought in 4 zombies, and Eli P. brought in 4 farm vehicles to share this week.  Next week we will move on to the number 5. Your children can bring groups of 5 things to share on Tuesday or Wednesday.  Five will be our last number for now.

The month of May will go by very quickly.  Enjoy!

Miss Katie and Mr. Benny