Sagol Room סגל (Preschool)

Hello Sagol Families. This week was all about dinosaurs and the number 5. We had great sharing for the number 5 including different types of gloves, the hamsa, cars and My Little Ponies.

Your children have been great this week some last minute staffing changes. Miss Sarah N has taught them about being “flexible.” Ask your child what word they need to be when there is a different teacher in the room.

The dramatic play area has been loved all week long with camping and fishing.

On Monday, we had art with Miss Katie from the infant rom. We read a book about different types of seeds, decorated our own pot and planted our very own blub to take home.

On Wednesday we focused on the number 5. We glued on 5 frogs on to our number 5 (brown log). A great song to go with this is “Five Green and Speckled Frogs”.

We also read books about dinosaurs and sang “We are the Dinosaurs”. We learned that doing that song is best outside for when we “roar”.

Thursday was a busy fun day! We tie dyed our shirts and had Fancy Schmancy Day where some of us had our nails painted.

We also celebrated Jonathan’s birthday! Jonathan and his dad brought in cookies and dinosaur theme plates, napkins and dinosaur stickers for us all to take home. Thank you, Jonathan! Happy 5th Birthday!

On Thursday, we also were invited to release the butterflies of the PreK class. It was really fun to see them fly! Lila even said, “God is always making miracles!”

Our project for the day was learning about dinosaur bones. We colored our own dinosaurs and then glued down q-tips for bones.

And to the top day off, Emmett brought in a nest that was abandoned on his porch.

Friday will be our school Shabbat. Marko will be the Shabbat helper.

We will learn more about bones. The sensory table will have sand and dinosaur fossils as we pretend to be paleontologists.

Next week will be a short week. We will have Field Day, have the last day of the school year and PreK Graduation. Please take everything from your child’s cubby that can go home and make sure their clothing bin has weather appropriate clothing.

-Sagol Room