Sagol Room סגל (Preschool)

Shalom Sagol families! I am so excited to be a part of the preschool team and can’t wait to have an awesome summer with your kiddos!

Monday was Miss Maddie’s first day! The three friends in class had to all be special helpers to teach me how to be in preschool and there is so much to learn about our days! In the morning we started right away practicing some teamwork by building blocks together. Our job was to build one big tower and let everyone add on pieces without knocking it down on purpose. We also worked on puzzles, using instruments to make music, and making decisions together.

Before snack we sat down and chose a couple books about birds to read. I asked about what they have learned so far and, wow! It seems like we have some very knowledgeable ornithologists in our class and I am even learning new things too!

Even though it was a little bit different day with a new teacher and figuring out the schedule, we worked together again and made it outside for water play! It was fun to see our pals in pre-k.

Tuesday was a rainy day so we didn’t get to play outside but we had a lot of fun inside! We started off looking at a collection of natural items under magnifying glasses and using the sticks to build “nests” for our toy birds!

Then we had time to do some play dough work at the table. Some friends even used the bird figurines in their play dough bird’s nests!

At circle time we picked a funny book: The Foot Book! We wiggled and stomped our feet with the story. Then we counted how many feet we had in our room with everybody there.

Our new song this week is “Kookaburra!” It is a short and sweet song about a bird and we are learning it to sing all together.

After nap time, the extended care crew took out the legos and built towers on towers on towers and stretched to the Yoga Bug book before playing with the large balls in the big room!

Wednesday started with coloring at the table with crayons and big sheets of paper. Everyone did a great job using lots of colors and we will use these as decoration in our room!

We had a demo Soccer Shots class and everyone did so well listening to the coach!

After soccer, we went to music. Our class sat together so nicely and sang along with Cantor Schwartz!

During playground time we played in the water and spotted a lot of birds outside!

Our circle time book was Rainforest Animals and we read about some tropical birds and other jungle creatures.

On Thursday we continued making our craft project to creat 3D birds to hang in our room! Everyone had a paper plate to color in bright bird colors, and then glued on feathers, eyes, and tail!

Before our playground time it was a little cooler out so we took our nature walk and collected items from outdoors in our bucket. We walked together as a group and kept an eye out for more birds and bird sounds!

During circle time we read Rainforest Animals again and the book Dig In which looked at things to find outside in the dirt!

Friday we will have special person Shabbat! Vivi will be our helper. Next week we will learn about nature!

Shabbat Shalom!

-Miss Maddie and Mr. Benny