Sagol Room סגל (Preschool)

Hello and happy Friday! This week we continued talking about birds and moved into more discussions about other things in nature near us. We had a science center with rocks, sticks, and pinecones, and magnifying glasses to look closer at the bird’s nest!

Monday started with saying good morning to each other and learning our new routine of finding our name tags (popsicle sticks with individual symbols) and putting it in the “Who’s Here” jar to start our day. The preschool class has also been choosing to start the morning by having a quick meeting to go over the day’s visual schedule before beginning play time, so everyone knows what will happen next!

This morning the class worked at the sensory table filled with soapy water and multiple items from nature. I added sponges so they could “clean” the bird figures and rocks.

Before lunch we went outside to the playground and because it was cooler out, we didn’t get to do water play but we did enjoy some bubble blowing!

Tuesday the class had the morning to explore the new layout of our room with freeplay time! Some of the favorite toys right now are the magnet tiles, large trucks, and the bristle blocks. During open choice time, each friend had a chance to come to the table for some nature painting! I put out all of our materials that we collected outside, along with some wood pieces and the birds again! I loved watching how creative everyone was with the materials. Some made bird footprints, used the pinecones like a stamper, or used a stick like a paintbrush. These process art pieces are hanging on our wall this week!

During circle time we talked about the date and the days of the week, and had time to read the book Nest. Later when kids were finished with lunch, those who wanted to came to the rug with me and did some counting! I drew different objects on the white board and we counted together using our pointer finger to tap each one to count in order.

On Wednesday we had an exciting beginning of the morning! First we had music with Cantor Schwartz where we sang a new song called “The Synagogue.” Then right after we were done, we had to practice doing a fire drill! The class was very ready because we had talked about what we would need to do during our morning meeting. Everyone stayed calm and quiet all the way up the stairs and outside. We were rewarded for our great job with a birthday treat snack of granola bars and fruit cups when we got back inside!

At our group circle time this morning, we talked about how Miss Maddie is leaving for vacation and will be gone for a while but is coming back! I am going to Florida with my family and the preschool crew will be in great hands with Mr. Benny, Miss Sarah, and Miss Rebecca! I told the class that I will be “mailing” letters during my trip and sending pictures to Mr. Benny so he can show what I am up to!

There was also time to do another water table activity, but this time the class really did need to wash the things in there; They were covered in paint from our nature painting!

The fun with water didn’t have to end there today because it was warm and sunny and we all enjoyed some water play on the playground.

While waiting to wash hands for snack and lunch, Mr. Benny also read a couple books about fish and bats to keep up with our nature theme.

As a special group toy area today, the legos were out!! Most of our class loves the giant bin of legos to work with and the only rules are to stay calm and gentle with the blocks so everyone can enjoy playing.

Thursday we continued talking about what we see outside and what lives outside like any animal habitats near us and what they might look like! Our book Nest has been helpful to show us the many different places animals can live outside.

For our morning work the class could come to the table and use the collection of nature items to explore, count, and put in the playdough!

Mr. Benny brought in new fishing poles to go with our dramatic play area. it was hard work to hook the fish but we were patient and kept trying until we caught a fish!

Friday we will work more with our collection of nature materials in the science center and in the sensory table. Isaac will be our Shabbat helper!

Next week we will move into a more summer-y theme with an ice cream shop!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Shabbat Shalom,

Miss Maddie and Mr. Benny