Sagol Room סגל (Preschool)

Our first week with Miss Maddie on vacation went well! We have a count down for when she’ll be back and Mr. Benny has been in contact with her to use the map to show where she has traveled. She even sent us a post card from her time in Kentucky.

This week we switched gears to the theme of ice cream and we will continue with next week.

On Monday, we explored our Ice Cream Shop and read the book Should I Share My Ice Cream? We then did some color and pattern sorting with ice cream cones.

Tuesday we colored ice cream cones and ice cream and then put it all together to make our very own 5 high ice cream cones!

We did some silly song dancing including “Tooty Ta”.

Wednesday we had music with Cantor Schwartz.

We then made our own big ice cream cone. We reread Should I Share My Ice Cream? and then we used our ice cream cones it to pass around “ice cream”.

On Friday, we will have a poll of what our favorite ice cream and if we could make our own ice cream, what flavor would it be? Pickle, jello, sour? Ask your child, what their favorite ice cream is and what ice cream they would make.