Sagol Room סגל (Preschool)

Happy Friday Sagol families! We had an exciting week filled with lots of fun activities! This week we kept up the summer energy by talking about camping and fishing. There are a lot of different things to enjoy in the summertime and we want to talk about everything!

Monday Mr.Benny combined with the Pre-K room because we had such a low number of children in our room! The two preschoolers were extremely enthusiastic about getting the chance to hang out with the older kiddos! Plus they also got to experience how the Pre-K room operates in the morning. We went along with Miss Amanda’s theme of frogs & toads! 

Tuesday Miss Sarah and Mr. Benny were very excited to welcome Jonathan back from his exciting trip to New York! We decided to have a calm and simple day before Miss Maddie came back from her trip. The class came to the conclusion that they wanted to play and talk about horses all day! We played with the horses in the sensory bin filled with soapy water AND in Miss Sarah’s new homemade play dough she made from jello mix. Each color of the play dough has a different smell! All around it was a very sensory engaging day. 

Wednesday Miss Maddie was back! I missed everyone so much and was excited to talk about my trip and bring in some photos next week. To get back on track with our summer lessons, we started talking about camping! The tent has been in our classroom for a while, but now we learned how to use it and what it’s for. To get the camping feel, we made a campfire by cutting/ripping and gluing paper down for logs and then painting the flames.

We also made a campfire out of blocks and sat around it pretending to roast marshmallows. 

Thursday we practiced setting up our tent by working together to figure out how it unfolded. It was tricky but with a little help, everyone got it!

Then we talked about what the tools are that come with the camping set and what they would all be used for on a real camping trip. We noticed that the little binoculars work and can be used for bird watching out of our window. 

To give an idea of what a fictional camping trip might look like, we read Pete the Cat Goes Camping and Llama Llama Loves Camping.

There was also an exciting event today, our usual geography teacher Miss Suzie was at school to do a special teddy bear Shabbat story! Our class sat, listened, and participated throughout the story and then we had a fun dance party at the end. 

Friday is another Special Person’s Shabbat! Elijah will be our Shabbat helper. 

We will also make smores! (cold ones) 🙂

Next week we will be learning about astronauts, rockets, and space! 

Shabbat Shalom!

-Miss Maddie and Mr. Benny