Sagol Room סגל (Preschool)

Hello wonderful families! I hope you all had a great week!

This week in Sagol we focused on the moon! We talked all about the moon, the stars, and outer space. One of the places I visited on my trip was the Kennedy Space Center, and it was too exciting not to share my interest and what I learned there. 

It is a very special time to be learning about the moon because this week marks the 50th anniversary of the Apollo moon landing in July of 1969. Anyone interested in learning more with your child should visit the Bell Museum at the University of Minnesota this weekend for a fun-filled space celebration! More here: https://www.bellmuseum.umn.edu/

We started our week off with art with Miss Beth! Miss Beth must always know what I am planning in the classroom because her projects line up perfectly with our themes! This week we read the book Nova: The Star Eater and made suns! We even got to borrow the book for the week and have been excitedly reading it every day!

During group time we made a list of the things we know about the moon and space, and a second list with questions that we want to know more about. Then we read The Moon’s Time to Shine and looked through some of the information in Space in Focus. We also sang songs like “Twinkle Twinkle” and “Climb Aboard the Spaceship.”

Tuesday we worked on a big jigsaw puzzle and read Goodnight Moon. The group loves to spot where there is a moon in all of our books!

During free play some friends had the magnet tiles out and used them to make very cool rocket ships!

While everyone was playing, I called up friends one at a time to invite them to paint the night sky on a large piece of paper with black and blue glitter paint.

Jonathan also remembered he had a book about space at home, and brought it in for us all to read together and learn more about what it’s like to be an astronaut!

On Wednesday we got to go to another one of our favorite activities: music! Cantor Schwartz led some of our favorites as well as the “Happy Birthday” song to our July birthdays! Both Quinn and Emmett celebrate their birthdays this month.

The class had been asking about telescopes to see the moon, so we decorated our own and tried looking outside through our window! It was too cloudy to see the moon, but the sun made the sky bright and we spotted a few birds.

During freeplay there were a couple new stations. Along with our talk of skies and space, I put out a “loose parts” table where friends could arrange different craft items to make their tray look like a galaxy!

Thursday we started with a fun art project. We painted moons of course! Each friend got to mix their black and white paint together to make grey. Then they used sponges to stamp a print with paint to make their paper look like the surface of the moon. Later we will add stars into our night sky before gluing on the moon.

Before snack time, Mr. Benny took the group on a space walk! They pretended to step and jump their way through the moon’s landscapes.

Friday we will celebrate Quinn turning 3! Happy Birthday Quinny! Quinn will be our Shabbat helper. We will continue our moon research by molding moonscapes out of playdough and collecting “moon rocks!” Because it was universal that everyone’s interest in this theme was out of this world, we will continue learning about space next week. 🙂

Shabbat shalom!

-Miss Maddie and Mr. Benny