Sagol Room סגל (Preschool)

Shabbat Shalom Sagol families! This week we continued our space exploration! It was another busy week filled with artwork, lots of books, and great imaginary play!

On Monday we created moon sand! It is a simple mixture of flour and baby oil. Everyone got to help scoop and mix it up, and then we spent some time getting our hands messy! A fun plus was it smelled really nice too! 

During group time I had the answers to everyone’s questions from last week. After a week of looking up information in our space books, we made a new list of things we know about the moon and space. We also watched a short video clip of a real rocket launch!

Tuesday started with the group deciding they wanted to paint! Paint is a fun medium that can be very calming and interesting to watch as colors mix. Speaking on the topic of space, a few friends painted beautiful suns and planets!

Later we created mini paper rockets by decorating with markers and stickers, and then taping on the “flames” to make the rockets soar through the sky! Check them out hanging outside our classroom!

Wednesday was music day! It’s always so much fun to wiggle and sing with our infant, toddler, and pre-k friends during the school day!

During activity time there were two spaces set up where anyone could join in a project. At the easel there were watercolor paints and spray painting to create a galaxy.

At the table we took one small step for preschool and made “moon boot” footprints on the surface of a (paper) moon! Each friend took one of their water shoes, dipped it in paint, and then pressed the bottom to the moon to make an awesome print! All of our amazing projects will be on display in our classroom soon!

Thursday started with a very exciting challenge: build a rocket ship! With different colored posts and oddly shaped connectors, the whole class worked together to construct something exciting! The group did not hesitate to quickly get to work on fitting the pieces together and accomplish the finished product. Most of the day afterwards was spent decorating and playing inside our spaceship!

Some friends also spent more time just free-crafting whatever they felt like at the table.

Friday we will probably play more in our spaceship and finish our space-related crafts! Emmett’s birthday is this Saturday so we will get to celebrate with him during lunch! 

Grayson will be our Shabbat helper. 

Next week we will still have all of our fun space books and activities, but will move into more summer topics like bugs and the beach!

Have a nice weekend!

-Miss Maddie and Mr. Benny