Sagol Room סגל (Preschool)

Hello and welcome to another summery Friday in the Sagol classroom! Only a few more weeks of summer session are left, and everyone is definitely making the most of it!

This week there was a little bit of everything! Since everyone loved learning about space sooo much, I had a few cool space books still out along with our books that talk about camping! Also some crafts from space week are now on display outside the classroom so please check it out!

To add to our summer themes, we started talking about bugs and the beach! The class also had a blast playing outside in the sprinkler all week and trying some new challenging puzzles in our room.

Monday felt like a great day to look at the new books I got from the library! Whatever someone told me they were interested in, I went and found books for that topic! We looked at all the books and switched between talking about space, camping, the beach, and bugs!

On Tuesday morning, some of the toys had been switched up a bit. There were some new puzzles and games to challenge the awesome brains we have in our class! So far the puzzles are a big hit. For our activity today we took out playdough and formed playdough bugs using pipe cleaners and googly eyes! Some friends called them “aliens” (which is exactly what I think some buggies look like)!

Wednesday started off with some free time and an optional art project with dot-dots and beach pictures.

Then we had music with the Cantor and sang songs about our wonderful world!

Outside everyone had fun with water play soaking up the sun and getting creative in the water tables with Miss Amanda’s connecting tubes!

All week there was also a beach sensory table, bug table, and seashell bucket to explore. The whole group has done a great job taking turns at all the stations each day!

On Thursday we read more bug books like The Grouchy Ladybug and The Very Hungry Caterpillar. Just like the caterpillar’s transformation, we started making butterflies! Each friend painted with bright dot dots on a coffee filter to design what will be the butterfly wings! Later they will get to pick out colored pipe cleaners as the antennae and glue on googly eyes.

Along with our beach table with sand, rocks, and shovels, we also brought out the moon sand again to squish and scoop into sandcastles!

Friday Vivi will get to be our Shabbat helper! We will have another fun day of sun, sand, and creepy crawlies!

Next week we will continue to learn about bugs and focus on bees!

Have a great weekend!

-Miss Maddie and Mr. Benny