Sagol Room סגל (Preschool)

I hope you all had a great week Sagol families! We were busy bees here in the classroom learning more about bugs and focusing on bumblebees! The highlights of the week were reading lots of books, setting up a bug habitat, and exploring new sensory stations.

On Monday we started with counting bugs in a jar! Two dimensional paper bugs and jars, but still interesting to see how high we could count. The bugs were left out for part of the week for others to look at.

As an added project, the group decided they wanted to make puppet monsters! Always love the fun creativity coming from everyone!

Later in the morning it was time for art with Miss Beth for a sensational sensory project! First we sat together to listen to a story and feel some different items and textures. Then there were several types of tools and paint to choose from to create colorful process art! Take a look at the finished products hanging in the hallway outside room 101!

Tuesday was another crafty day. After reading a book about the importance of honeybees, we made our own! First, each friend had to spread yellow paint all over a small paper plate and then wait patiently for it to dry for the next step. On top of the yellow paint came dotting black paint in rows to make the bumblebee’s stripes! After all was put together, everyone’s bees looked super cute!

Wednesday morning’s music time had our favorite guest: Rabbi Crimmings! After singing and dancing in the big room, we kept up the vibe in our room with more silly songs. There were also new areas to play with like the bug log from Miss Amanda’s room, and a pollination station! They were both a big hit where the group could explore a bug’s life and the job of a bee! 

Thursday was a beautiful day to play outside! There are only two more weeks of water play left in summer session and we are grateful for every sunny day.

Thursday was also a great day for an underwater adventure with Miss Suzie! She led the preschool and pre-k classes through a story of visiting the beach, swimming in the waves, and saving an injured dolphin! Miss Suzie’s adventures are always exciting and leave us chatting about what we did for the rest of the day.

In addition to our in-school field trip, there was a new sensory bin in our room to imagine more about the work of bumblebees and all they do to make flowers, fruits, and honey!

Friday is our monthly Special Person Shabbat! Brooklynn will be our helper and we will celebrate her birthday that is this weekend! Next week we will move into learning about the ocean. 

Happy Friday and Shabbat Shalom!

-Miss Maddie and Mr. Benny