Sagol Room סגל (Preschool)

Happy Friday! It was an amazing summer week and I’m not quite ready for it to end! All week the preschool class got outside for water play, learned about the deep blue sea, and had fun with special ocean-themed toys!

First before we talk about what we did this week. Here are some more pictures from our adventures last Friday and celebrating Brookie’s birthday!

Monday started with the book Goodnight Ocean to introduce everyone to this week’s topic. We talked about the waves, the animals that live there, and about the beach! There was also still our sandy sensory table and a bucket with shells to sort through and count. More exciting activities included dramatic play with ocean creature toys like a giant octopus and whale borrowed from Miss Amanda!

On Tuesday we read a book about a specific little sea creature in A House for Hermit Crab. The little crab outgrows his shell and goes on the hunt for the perfect new one. While he explores the ocean floor he also looks for pretty items to decorate his house. So then we decided to decorate our own beautiful shells with colorful paper, sequins, glitter, and sand! Later everyone also made red handprints for their hermit crabs! 

Wednesday was a full fun day. First we got to celebrate Isaac’s birthday! I can’t believe how many big four year olds we have in our class now!!

Then just before music we had a tornado drill where we had to walk calmly and quietly to the big room and sit together for a few minutes. Once again the preschool group were emergency drill all-stars! Once we were all together with our singing voices warmed up, Cantor Schwartz joined us for a great time singing our favorite Jewish songs!

It was also a perfect week for real water play outside, and imaginary water play inside! Using our blue shiny sheet as water from our fishing boat, we created an ocean on the floor in which all the sea animals could play!

Thursday was Hawaiian dress up day! Everyone was in their cutest island wear and we spent some time listening to traditional Hawaiian music and adding to the outfits with flower leis.

To start off our Thursday we talked about the book Rainbow Fish and got out some playdough and supplies to make our own shimmery creations!

Everyone really enjoyed incorporating the large and small figurines into all of our play, especially in our foamy ocean buckets with dish soap, water, and cornstarch! 

Friday we will have Shabbat and Elijah will be our helper!

Next week is spirit week with each day having a fun dress-up theme!!! Check your emails and come prepared to look silly and take fun photos! Next week is also the final week of summer session and we will finish by continuing our learning exploration of the ocean. 

Shabbat Shalom!

-Miss Maddie and Mr. Benny