Sagol Room סגל (Preschool)

We have come to the end of another week and another summer session! I have had such a blast starting out in the preschool room this summer and getting to know all your kiddos! As sad as it is to say goodbye to summer, I am equally as excited to dive into fall session.

This week was spirit week with a fun dress-up theme each day. We also continued talking about the ocean and playing outside in the sprinkler!

Monday was the best day because it was pajama day! The comfiest day of the year. To add to the cozy fun, we made a special pajama art project with Miss Beth! The Sagol class has really enjoyed all of the projects this summer and I love watching their process while they create! For Monday’s project each friend picked out a sample of patterned fabric and had to trace, cut, and glue their PJ designs onto an outline of a person. The funky fabrics were tricky to work with but so cool to look through and craft with!

Since last week we focused on the book A House for Hermit Crab, this week we read about a new sea creature- the seahorse! Another wonderful Eric Carle book, Mister Seahorse takes us through a journey of a father seahorse taking care of his babies before they hatch and running into other daddy fish who also do this important job! We also read Pete the Cat, Scuba Cat about a fun adventure underwater with Pete and his search to find a seahorse!

On Tuesday there was a new dramatic play set up with our fishing boat, an under the sea background, and goggles! The boat was our “submarine” and the goggles were our scuba masks! Some friends really took this to a whole new level and swam around the room searching for different ocean areas to explore.

It was one of our first stormy weather days in a while so we couldn’t play outside, but we did observe the weather changes and listen to the rain and thunders sounds.

To get our water fix everyone wanted to do sensory buckets with water and sea creatures!

Tuesday was also superhero day! Everyone looked super duper amazing in their heroic uniforms.

During music on Wednesday we got to sing our happy birthday song to all of the August birthdays like Isaac and Brooklynn! Birthday day also means a yummy granola bar treat with snack! Happy birthday to our awesome BSY friends.

To follow with our seahorse story this week, we started a cool process art project. First each friend places colored tissue paper on their picture and covers as much as possible. Then with some help, sprays water onto the tissue paper and lets it dry! The result is a color transfer from the tissue papers onto the blank seahorse! Later we’ll make a habitat background for our seahorses to go.

Wednesday was a beautiful day back outside where our class got to watch (and help) Miss Amanda and her friends launch water rockets!!! It was a crazy experiment to get to watch!

I felt like I was seeing things on Thursday when I walked in to everyone’s clothes on backwards!! Such a silly day navigating backwards pants and some accidental backwards swimsuits! Today a few of our friends also had a field trip to Miss Amanda’s room where they will soon get to go learn in the fall! The Sagol class also had a few visitors from the toddler room who we can’t wait to have join us so soon! I can’t believe how fast everyone is growing, it is such a fun and exciting time to spend with these special kids!

Friday is a sports theme day and the last official day of summer session at BSY. We hope everyone has a nice week off of school while teachers prepare the classrooms for fun new things!

See you all in September!

-Miss Maddie and Mr. Benny