Sagol Room סגל (Preschool)

Hello everyone! I hope you had a nice week and have been staying safe and warm with all of this wild winter weather. The preschool class had a blast this week exploring our sense of touch! All week we read the book I Hear a Pickle… again and added focus to the “I feel…” section. During lunch we started listening to audio book fairy tales and learning this week’s Second Step theme of focusing attention.

Monday started with a brief circle time to practice our days of the week and counting with the calendar, learning the letter “K,” and the color orange. We also took some fun PJ day photos.

Later during our regular art time, Miss Beth led the classes in sugar cookie decorating! The bright colors and sweet smells made for a delicious Monday morning.

On Tuesday we worked on a morning activity to engage our sense of touch. Everyone got a piece of felt and different items and fabrics to arrange on the felt to make sensory wall decorations!

We also added water to a bucket of orbeez and watched as they grew overnight!

Throughout the week, most friends got a turn to feel and play with the funny water beads.

Wednesday was back to music class with Shana! She sang our “Boker Tov” song, some TuB’shvat songs, and at the end we got to do some moving and dancing.

On Thursday there was an invitation to finger paint at the easel! With red and yellow paint, the artists quickly recognized the color combination made orange! 

During circle time we passed around a variety of items and came up with descriptive words for the different textures and compared how each material felt to touch.

For our play time on Friday we will work in the sensory bins and play a mystery object matching/guessing game.

Leora will be the helper for Shabbat.

Next week we will move into learning about our senses of smell and taste!

Shabbat Shalom,

Miss Maddie and Miss Kaitlyn